Wednesday, January 9

My name's Sara and I have a secret.......

Stop it..... it's not that sort of secret....... my secret is something that causes shaking heads, and muffled laughter when certain people find out (because they really think it's funny, or do they secretly harbor the same desire..... hmmm????).

So..... for as long as I remember (like, from as early as 5 years old) despite loving all the latest bands... I have also LOVED musicals (obsessively). I can't help it. When I go to the theatre, it's always a musical. I've been known to go to two musicals in the West End on the same day - a matinee in the afternoon and an evening performance, and another one the next day. I can't get enough of them. I'll also go and see the same musical over and over again, Les Miserables being one of them (do you know how much I love that show?).

And it's not just the 'blockbuster' type musicals. One of my all time favorites is La Cage Aux Folle.... who can't help being blown away by a fabulous rendition of I Am What I Am (just mentioning it has got me singing it to myself). And what about Windy City.... I've lost count how many times I saw that in my youth, and how the sound track would blast out of my CD player at all hours of the day and night in my bedroom.

So what about you..... are you a musical person?????


Jessica Burkhart said...

Oh, Sara, I needed another musical-loving friend! :) My favs--Phantom, Rent and Hairspray. I think I've listened to these soundtracks a zillion times. Great post!

Sara Hantz said...

Jess, I knew you were my kinda gal...

Alyson Noel said...

I bought the soundtrack to CHICAGO right after seeing the movie. I then proceeded to play it over and over and over again!

And I love La Cage too!

Erica Orloff said...

OK . . . you are an AMATEUR when it comes to musicals. I love them in all their really rather-bad glory--like Marlon Brando SINGING in Guys and Dolls. I love Gypsy. I love Mame. I love musicals bad or good. Hello Dolly! (BAD!!) I love, love, love them and will watch them over and over again. Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby (bad!). Watch 'em anyway. Maybe because I like happy endings and very few musicals end on a sad note. Unless they're based on opera. Then they're tragic. :-)

Wendy Toliver said...

I love musicals too. I've been in a few, and of course those will always have a place in my heart. My goal is to see Wicked in NYC. Though seeing Beauty and the Beast in London was hard to top.

Amanda Ashby said...

I wish I could like them, but they seriously leave me cold. I just don't get all the breaking out into the song thing.

Gerb said...

I'm a musical lover, too! I have a collection of fabulous old ones on DVD - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Kiss me Kate, Singing in the Rain, etc. (Yes, Brando in Guys and Dolls, too) I collect the new ones when they come out... Evita (Madonna was actually good in that!), Phantom, Rent, Hairspray (yay!) But the most fun is seeing them on stage. I've seen several on Broadway (including Wicked, Wendy. Twice.) Saw Spamalot when Tim Curry was still in it, Sweeny Todd with Patty Lapone and Wicked with Ben Verene. I even saw Phantom, Les Mis and Cats in Tokyo! Yes, I am a die-hard fan...

Omar Cruz said...
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Marjolein said...

I am really a musical person!!
Les Miserables is going to start here in may!!!
I have to admit i also go more than one time to one show
Recently i saw Musical to the max 6 times..(blush)
its a sort of best-of show with famous musical songs and lesser known songs

Sara Hantz said...

Hey, I love you guys!!! I'm in such awesome company.

Erica, I'd forgotten all about the likes of Guys and Dolls when I wrote my post. I seriously love that one. And yes Marlon singing is fab. And Hello Dolly.... another great one. And what about Funny Girl and Funny Lady. And an American in Paris, and Gigi..... omg I'm on a roll here.....I too am a sucker for a happy ending.

Gerb, love all those you mentioned too. It's not even seven in the morning and I'm singing my heart out here with songs from the musicals!!!!

Patty Palmer said...

Growing up in Prince Edward island, the only musical I had ever heard of as a kid was Anne of Green Gables. I was hooked.
Awesome blog, by the way.

Bella said...

Sorry, but they just don't mix..
Breaking into song...

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