Sunday, February 1

Promo Week: Durinda's Dangers

It's promo week here at TFC, so I'd like to draw your attention to Durinda's Dangers, which is Book 2 in The Sisters Eight, the series of books for young readers that I created with my novelist husband Greg Logsted and our just-turned-nine-two-days-ago daughter Jackie. (Jackie doesn't have her own website...yet. Oh, but she's got this! The Sisters Eight.)

Durinda's Dangers originally published on December 29, the same date as Book 1 in the series, Annie's Adventures. What I didn't realize at the time was that with the dual pub date, a lot of places would review the first book, and then...and then....

What about Book 2???

So I was both relieved and thrilled yesterday to learn that Teens Read Too had given Durinda's Dangers five stars in this review which includes the following quote that - yes! - makes me insanely happy:

"THE SISTERS 8 is my favorite new tween series. The story keeps getting better and I love how funny and witty the books are. The sisters are a fun, eccentric family, and I wish I could spend a day with them. I think Zinnia is becoming my favorite sister and I have to think that maybe her cat-talking talent shouldn’t be ignored! If you have tweens or know tweens, then get THE SISTERS 8 in their hands now - they’re sure to love it. Kudos to this family of authors for writing another fun adventure!"

What's not to love? So please please please buy Durinda's Dangers and tell other people to as well. But just in case you're unfamilar with the book that started the series about octuplets whose parents go missing one New Year's Eve, you can see Annie here. (???) No, actually you can see her above Durinda at the top of this blog...because I still can't figure Blogger out!

That's my Promo Week promo! So how about all of you? I know my pal A.S. King's DUST OF 100 DOGS pubs in something like five minutes, but what about the rest of you?


Be well. Don't forget to write.


Gerb said...

The most exciting thing today is celebrating the success of my writing friends! Hooray on Durinda's Dangers' fab review! Woohoo for Amy and the release of Dust of 100 Dogs! It's a great day to contemplate another trip to the bookstore!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

I can't wait to pick up this series for my cousin! She is going to love it!!! And ditto what Linda said, I'm excited about your success!

Alyson Noel said...

Yay, on the awesome, well-deserved review on DURINDA'S DANGERS!!! I'm in such awe of your career!

My exciting news is that EVERMORE officially releases tomorrow- which means I've lots of bookstore stalking ahead of me!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Thanks, Gerb and Stephanie!

And ooh, Alyson, I'll be stalking EVERMORE too!

Melissa Walker said...

Lauren, You KNOW I love this series. I'm reading them before I gift them to my 8-year-old niece, Barbara, who raves and raves and demands the next one "right now, or soon... if you can" in text messages to me. HOORAY!

A.S. King said...

We're just about to start Durinda's Dangers here at King HQ. I am hooked.

And thanks for the shout outs! I am enjoying the ride. :)

Amanda Ashby said...

My eight year old daughter had those books out of my hands before I could even blink. Anyway, the verdict is that so far she loves them - especially Durinda's cat who is apparently called Dandruff!!!! I was also very happy to see that you've sold 2 more of the series! Woot!

My exciting news is that it's only a month until Zombie comes out!

Armageddon Thru To You said...
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Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Thanks, Melissa, A.S., Amanda and, I guess, Comment Deleted! I'm glad people are loving on the Eights and as Amanda notes, Publishers Lunch announced the sale of Books 5 and 6 yesterday, so...yippee!

Can't wait for Zombie, Amanda - the next month will fly!

Sara Hantz said...

Congrats on your fabulous review!