Saturday, December 12

Haiku Tributes to the Best Movies of 2009

My three favorite films that I saw in the theater this year were This is It, Inglorious Basterds and Up! Here, a tribute to each in haiku form:

1. MJ, gone too soon.
A talent like no other.
Make me wanna dance.

2. Brad Pitt hunts Nazis.
History Revised for film.
Best since Pulp Fiction.

3. A sad beginning
gives way to an uplifting
adventure of color.

Anyone want to add some favorite-film haikus? Go for it!


Wendy Toliver said...

I haven't seen your #1 and #3 (my boys didn't like Up,though).I loved Inglorious Basterds. You're awesome to tell us about them in haiku!

Gerb said...

My brain is way to deep in approaching deadline skittishness to come up with a haiku, but I agree with UP as one of the best movies this year. Favorite Pixar to date.

Still to be released, so I don't know how it will stack up, but I'm looking forward to Robert Downey Jr on the screen again in Sherlock Holmes!

Sara Hantz said...

Can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes. Inglorious Bastards is about to come out on DVD here and I'll def be watching that.