Thursday, September 1

What could *your* walls say?

My favorite web gem - for messing around whenever I need a pick-me-up (or, okay, feel like procrastinating) - is Wall Written. Wall Written allows you to custom design wall clings of a variety of inspirational sayings. You can choose the size of the overall quote and also the colors of the text and decorative elements. Like this one, of my very favorite quote in the world:

You can even choose your own saying and custom design it as a wall cling using their awesome design tool! You choice the saying, font, color, layout, and decorative elements. Is that cool or what? If I had my way, my entire office would be blanketed with sayings. They already kind of are! My two favorites? "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and "Live-Laugh-Love".

What could *your* walls say?



Jessica Brody said...

Great post! Thanks, Kay! And congrats on finishing your Save the Cat board!

Kay Cassidy said...

Thanks, Jessica! And thanks again for the STC help! :-)

Laurena said...

Just reading this post made all sorts of sayings just pop into my head that I love. I almost want to go out and paint it on my wall or something. It could be very inspirational to have the saying "Don't put of for tomorrow what you can do today" right on my wall. I'm such a procrastinator.