Monday, March 12

Workout Routine...or not

Working out!
I admit I don't have an exercise routine. I seriously have the best of intentions and every morning have the plan to work out and eat healthy and lose weight. Somehow my plans go awry every day.

There are the people who have a workout routine and never stray from it. They won't go out or take a shower until their workout is finished. Then there are the people who are obsessed with working friends who run eleven miles a day unless it's thirty degrees below zero.

I wish I had a routine. I'd like to do cardio, I just inherited a treadmill from my friend.

But, then again, I've heard that you need to switch up your routine so you do cardio one day and weights the next.

And what about the Pilates classes or the Yoga classes my friends signed up for. Are those good enough on their own? (yes, I picked this picture because it's something I'll NEVER be able to do)
Do you belong to a health club? Do you work out alone or by yourself? (one of my friends has two treadmills in her house side-by-side so she could always invite a friend over to chat with while she's working out) Do you switch up your workout routine or do the same workout every day? Or maybe you're like me and don't have a routine. (I also admit I'm a procrastinator)
I'm going to get better at waking up early and working out. Although I wish I could afford a cute guy to come over and get me out of bed and make me work out like Oprah does...

Simone Elkeles

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Erica Orloff said...

I walk eight miles a day. And it's only possible because of my beloved iPod. I am convinced I might actually stop breathing without it.

I don't switch up my routine, because with four kids, walking is what works . . . If push comes to shove, I can stick the two-year-old in the jogger stroller and take him. And I have three dogs, so I usually walk at leats one of them, too. But if a hunky personal trainer came along, I don't know . . . I could be persuaded to lift weights or something. :-)

Kelly Parra said...

I don't have a routine, either. *sigh* I keep thinking I need a dog to keep me company on walks. haha! But I think I'm just a procrastinator at heart. :)

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I walk for an hour every day. I used to do more, but I'm getting older and time is feeling tight! :)

Sara Hantz said...

I'm always full of good intentions, and often last a few weeks, but once something gets in the way then I find myself slipping.

At the moment I'm trying to walk half an hour a day.... not that I manage to do it EVERY day.

Alyson Noel said...

I JUST finished working out! Though this is merely a coincidence, because even though I try to ride the stationary bike an hour a day, many days have passed since I last climbed aboard. I know excercise is supposed to relieve stress, but it's always the first thing to go when my life gets crazy! Go figure. . .

Lisa Asanuma said...

I don't really have a routine either. I try to "live actively," and do things like arm exercises and jumping jacks when I'm watching TV, or leg-lifts while I'm reading or something like that... I try to always be moving something... not that that does a whole lot... ;)

Jennifer Lynn Barnes said...

I'm not much for working out. If I'm exercising, I want to be *doing* something. In high school, I played varsity volleyball, danced four or five hours a week, and either played basketball (badly) or did step aerobics in the off season (since my hs required we play two "sports"). When I went to college, I kept playing volleyball (three seasons of IM every year) and beyond that and random dance and tumbling sessions, I made it to the gym maybe once a year, except for sophomore year, when I took karate there.

This year, I'm having to adjust (temporarily) to a different kind of exercise- I walk between two and five miles a day, usually carrying a couple of very heavy bags (and sometimes a laptop), but this is more out of necessity (I live a long way from work...and city centre... and everything else, too) than for exercise per se.

Next year, I'm excited to start volleyball back up again, and possibly another dance class. And maybe gymnastics. Anything that involves enough adrenaline that it doesn't FEEL like exercise is just fine with me!

Alex Richards said...

Not sure if I have a specific "routine" but I work out a LOT. I love my aerobics teacher, so I do "extreme fat burner" at least three times a week, plus 3 days a week I do strength training w/ weights, and run on the treadmill or elyptical machine.
And today I did yoga for the first time in, like, 3 years. Damn, that was hard! Nobody told me you STOP being flexible if you quit yoga for a while. There I was, trying to be all bendy, but my body was like "Whoa, Alex. WTF do you think you're doing?"
Ouch. But i'm going to keep at it. :)

WendyToliver said...

My favorite workout as far as seeing fantastic results very quickly (for those of us w/ no patience) is kickboxing with bootcamp elements. Nowadays, I just hope that chasing three little boys around counts for something.

Wendy, who's feeling inspired to get into a workout routine again (thanks Simone)

bevrosenbaum said...

Like Lauren, I walk a lot--it's the lazy woman's exercise routine!

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