Wednesday, April 25

The Crystal Ball

If I would’ve looked into a crystal ball 10 years ago and seen myself today, I would’ve laughed my head off.


To a guy whose idea of decorating is dead animal heads on the wall and whose idea of fashion is Eddie Bauer?

Living in the mountains?

Living in Utah?
Um, where?


Three boys?
Ha! Don’t make me laugh.

Stay-at-home-mom, soccer mom, PTO mom, Junior Leaguer …?
How do you turn this thing off?

Hmm. Very interesting. Intriguing even. I think I like it!

But now, having experienced everything that got me to this point, I have to say that this life I’ve made for myself is wonderful. Not perfect, by any means. But I’m doing what I love to do, I’m surrounded by people I adore, and I’m living in one of the prettiest and most fun places in the world (IMHO).

And I’m excited to see what the next 10 years holds for me.

Just for fun: If you could look into a crystal ball and see yourself in 10 years, what do you think you’d see?


Sara Hantz said...

Best selling author, spending my days languishing on a sofa positioned by the window so I can see the waves lapping on the shore, being fed peeled grapes by........

Gerb said...

Hey! Sara took my crystal ball vision!

Erica Orloff said...

Hmm. I have four kids, and if I could look ahead 10 years, I would hope to see three or four more . . . maybe foster kids . . . and then I guess I will need to finish off my attic so I have room for them all. :-)



P.S. Fun to think about.

Wendy Toliver said...

Gerb & Sara, the only part of that vision I see as a little out-there is the grapes. Peeled? LOL!

Erica, I'm so touched by your vision. Your kids (both present and future) are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom. :)

Kelly Parra said...

I have no idea! I swear I can only see one week into my future. It's always been like that for me, never able to envision what lies ahead. But I'd like me and my family to be happy and healthy. :) :)

Alyson Noel said...

Hmmm, hopefully still here, still happy, healthy, and still writing my books!

bevrosenbaum said...

What Alyson said!

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