Monday, May 21

Yay! Summer Camp Season!

Summer break means suntan lotion and alarm clock-free mornings, but it also means fresh possibilities for romance. Especially at summer camp.

I was always a little braver around guys at summer camp. The instant I arrived, I started scouting for my “Camp Boyfriend,” or C.B. He was typically the hottest, most athletic, most unavailable. You know the type. I was more willing to take a risk because these guys weren’t classmates, neighbors, or best friend’s big brothers. So if I happened to make a fool of myself, I could bounce back to my Real Life virtually unscathed.

What made summer camp flirting exciting was the possibility of really falling for a C.B. and him falling for me. It was like a mini-reality show, where you have a predetermined time period in which to “win the guy,” against obstacles like poison ivy, allergies, the camp talent show, and girls who are knock-outs even without makeup and curling irons. Gag.

Unfortunately, none of my summer camp romances ever stuck. Sure, we’d keep in touch, and once a C.B. even mailed me a gold ring. (I sent it back and it got lost in the mail. Sad but true.) Looking back, I think that my C.B.s were excellent training for more serious dating later on in my Real Life. Thank you, C.B.s!

Do you feel braver at school, or away from school? What is your favorite part about summer vacation?


bevrosenbaum said...

I met my hubby working at a summer camp! (Yes, we've been married a looooong time!)

Sara Hantz said...

I envy your summer camp experiences - we didn't have such things in the UK. I always used to think it would be so cool to go away for the summer with loads of friends. The nearest I got was a weeks activity holiday when I was about 12.

Kelly Parra said...

I was a lot younger when I went to summer camp, but it was always a cool experience. You could be excited about fun games instead of worrying about looking cool. haha!

Gerb said...

I didn't *go to* summer camp, but I grew up in a college town where there were HS summer sports camps at the university. My friends and I would crash their dances every year... a rotating crop all summer long. Ah, summer camp season. :)

Wendy Toliver said...

Bev, that's so sweet! You give hope to all C.B.-seekers!

Sara, I'm sorry you never got to go to camp. Some of the ones I went to were talent-oriented, i.e. art or drama or basketball. Some were religious, or loosly so. I'm sure there are loads of kinds, and it was always fun to get alway from the 'rents and bond w/ people you may never see again. :)

Kelly, I'll never forget when we were playing one of those "trust" games and I hadn't shaved my legs in a few days so everyone had to hold me by my prickly legs and I was so embarrassed.

Gerb, ah the party crasher! Too cool! Once we snuck up to the roof and poured water down the chimney of one of the lodges. It was hilarious. At least I thought so.

Thanks for chiming in, girls! :)

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