Thursday, July 19

Fast Food Kingdoms

I wish I could say I was health conscience during high school, but I wasn't. I played sports for a couple of years until I moved to a new school and my new friends weren't exactly pro-sports. :)

One thing that didn't change with the move was that I was a total junk food connoisseur. If a food restaurant had a drive-through, I'd probably been through it. heh.

My top faves: Mickey D's, Taco Bell, Burger King and Wendy's.

And still I have my weak moments and revisit these know, for the memories.

Here were my favorite meals from these Fast Food Kingdoms:
Mickey D's: Big Mac (hold the pickles), fries and a coke.

Taco Bell: Big Beef Burrito Supreme or Mexican Pizza or Nacho Supreme, with a coke.

Burger King: Whopper with cheese (hold the pickles), fries, and a coke.

Wendy's: Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, and a coke.

These days, I've come to my senses--as much as I'm able ;)--and order salads. There's one fast food kingdom I've been waiting for years to open, though. A chain of Pizza By The Slice drive-throughs. I mean, come on, think of the bank someone could make!

Fess up, which was/is your fave fast food drive-through?


Gerb said...

I confess that my family and I missed fast food when we were in Japan and especially looked forward to Taco Bell, burger King or Wendy's each time we came home. (They did have McDonalds over there, but shrimp burgers? Not so much.) We would tire of fast food rather quickly though, and it was usually only a couple of days before the kids wanted to go out, but they also wanted "real food." It's probably a good thing because now that we live here, they are disinterested in fast food most of the time.

As for me... when I was in college, there was a fantastic taco drive through called Naugles that served macho egg bean burritos, starting at midnight. My roomies and I would study all night - breaking for a midnight make a Naugles run.

And, being a Diet Coke addict, I've learned that Taco Bell and Burger King are Pepsi people. If I ever go there, I have to get my drink elsewhere. Am I crazy or does anyone else think Diet Pepsi tastes different than Diet Coke?

Erica Orloff said...

Alas . . . Crohn's disease has meant me and junk food don't mix. Never did. So it was no pizza, no McDonald's. I occasionally indulged, but always paid for it.

My ONE vice though was a Friendly's patty melt. Followed by a hot fudge sundae with peppermint stick ice cream. I ALWAYS got sick afterwards, but back in high school, I guess I figured it was worth it. I don't think that way anymore . . . but you know, what teen doesn't like ice cream? :-)

Alyson Noel said...

Honestly? I hate fast food, even the smell makes me sick. My junk food of choice has always been frozen yogurt. . .must be the Californian in me!

TinaFerraro said...

When I was growing up, there were no fast food restaurants in our county, so the only time I got to have it was on a summer vacation. Consequently, I admit that I have an occasional weakness for McDonald's...especially a filet o' fish (or filet 'o fat, as my son calls it) and the fries. Don't tell Morgan Spurlock! And loved his documentary on McDonald's, by the way!

Kelly Parra said...

Yikes, Gerb, fish shrimp burgers?? I wouldn't be jumping to eat those either!

Ah yes, nothing like a great burrito. :) :)

I do know Pepsi and Coke taste different so the Diets have to taste different too!

Kelly Parra said...

Erica, that's tough and yeah, ice cream is super tough to pass up. Hot fudge--yum! I want one now. :) ;)
Alyson, you had so much better willpower than me as a teen! I couldn't pass up a hot order of fries!
Tina, Mickey D fries are hard to say no to!! I'm reserving judgement on the Filet o' Fish. haha!

Sara Hantz said...

I love fast food.... always have done and I guess always will do. If I'm going to eat healthily then it will be at home. Never when I'm out!

Mind you, it's not always easy because I'm lactose intolerant and have to avoid cows milk. I do dream about being able to eat pizza again.

Kelly Parra said...

Sara, that has to be tough to live without pizza! :)

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