Monday, August 13

Culture shock!

That's the theme this week, and I'm here to tell you I'm totally hoping to feel some on the 18th, when I'm off to New York City for a couple of days, then Cape Cod!

Yeah, I know, NYC in August smells like a cesspool. I don't care--I just wanna shop till I drop. (It's been a tough year and I deserve it.) Also want to soak up the atmosphere. Bring on the rude cabbies and the snooty waiters!

Then I wanna flake out on a beach. And get into the simultaneously relaxed/party vibe in artsy Provincetown.

Okay, I'm not leaving North America--I rarely do, being as I'm not JK Rowling & usually drive to my vacation destinations--but it's incredible how each and every city/town over Canada and the U.S. has its own unique feel. (Heck, I even experienced culture shock when I moved one neighborhood over! Totally different demographic, totally different feel.)

Have you ever experienced culture shock even when you haven't travelled very far? Share your stories!


P.S. Beyond Cool was released this past Tuesday--woohoo! I really love this book, got to know my I Was a Teenage Popsicle characters so well (talk about people experiencing culture shock!) that the book practically wrote itself. I think it's funnier, too. (And btw, you don't have to have read Popsicle to 'get' Beyond Cool.) Check it out if you're in a bookstore this week. (Which you probably will be, picking up Eclipse, like the rest of the world...)


Alyson Noel said...

Oh, I’m jealous I LOVE both NYC and Provincetown—great places to visit!

As for culture shock—well, so far I’ve moved from the OC, to a Greek Island, and then to NYC, and then back to the OC—and all I can say is that none of those places had anything in common, but I loved my time spent in each of them!

Though back when I was a NYC based flight attendant, I would occasionally fly to places like Montana or Wyoming, and I could not believe how nice everyone was—so different from—well, some of the other routes I flew . . .

Big Congrats on “Beyond Cool!”

Sara Hantz said...

NYC is on my wish list of places to visit. I am totally green with envy! Have a wonderful time. And huge congrats on your book release!

bevrosenbaum said...

That's so interesting about the different flight routes, Alyson. What a great opportunity to observe people you had!

Yeah, Sara, I don't get there often but I always love it when I'm there.

Thanks for the book release congrats!


alexgirl said...

have a fantabulous trip! Hope you'll give us the scoop when you get back. I'm going to Cape Cod in a month, and I would love some tips on where to shop/eat/play!
Oh, and NYC is miserable right now. Way to hot to shop--you're just too sticky to want to try clothes on! Good luck.

bevrosenbaum said...

Yeah, we knew it was gonna be hot. The upside is, we managed to get tickets and reservations everywhere 'cuz everybody else is leaving town!

Kelly Parra said...

Have fun, Bev! And good luck with Beyond Cool!

Wendy Toliver said...

Yay for the book release! You go girl!

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