Thursday, October 18

Folks, I've got a problem...

When I tell people that I’m a writer there are always two questions that I dread getting asked. First up is the old standard: “Are you as rich as JK Rowling?” And the second one is: “What’s your favorite book.”

The first one has an easy answer. I just smile and say yes, I have so much money that I can roll in the stuff (after all, I’ve read The Secret and it never hurts to let the Universe know that you’re eager) but the second one is just impossible. I mean for a start, there is no way I can narrow it down to one book. Hell, I can’t even narrow it down to one author, though because I’m an obedient sort of girl, I always try and be polite and give it a go.

Obviously, Jane Austen is right up there and has been since the moment I first read her when I was 19. But what about Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Trilogy? I mean I love that book and it’s had a profound effect on the way I think and write. Oh, but if I’m going down that root then I have to include Marion Zimmer Bradley and her Darkover novels not to mention Anne McCaffrey and her Dragonriders of Pern.

Which would be fine, but that doesn’t leave me room to mention Georgette Heyer, PG Wodehouse, Jerome K Jerome and all the other hugely funny books that my father introduced me to when I was young. But why am I just looking at authors of my past. What about the authors that I’m reading now? I mean my TBR pile is long as my arm and it’s filled with contemporary books that I’m just dying to get my teeth stuck into. Yet I’m meant to pick just one?

It’s madness I tell you, madness. In fact I refuse to do it on the grounds of international laws against mental cruelty and torture. So there, take that you non-bookish person who thinks it’s funny to mess with someone’s head like that. You wouldn’t make me choose between my kids (though between you and me, the 5 year old boy is being a bit annoying today) so how can I choose between my favorite authors. It’s just wrong. So stop talking because I’m not going to listen to another word that you say. Lalalala. And actually, this is about the point when I remember the exact reasons why I never like to play this game in the first place.

So what about everyone else? Do you have a favorite or are you a mass of indecision who ends up in the fetal position at the very thought of having to narrow it down?


Lisa McMann said...

I am a mass of indecision. Really, it depends on the day. Or what I've read recently. Or what mood I'm in. It's impossible to pick a favorite book.

blackroze37 said...

gosh im romance, the executioner books, suspense, funny, heck i will read anything, im so pathetic, i even read shampoo bottles in the shower

Sara Hantz said...

I have my must-buy authors... I couldn't choose between them though, never! It depends on how I'm feeling at the time.

So, it looks like I'm joining you in the pit of indecision!

Book Chic said...

Ugh, I could never pick a favorite book. Each book I would mention would remind me of another great book, and the list would just go on and on. Totally mass of indecision for me! The better question to ask is: What book are you currently reading? lol, cuz that's MUCH easier to answer!

Great guest blog as always, Amanda!

Alyson Noel said...

This question is right up there with the "haircolor" question on your driver's license. . .I never know what to say- it's always changing!

Amanda Ashby said...

Phew - so pleased to see that I'm not alone with this little problem. Though Alyson, unfortunately no matter what color I do my hair (to cover those nasty greys) it always ends up looking poo brown. It is a sad trial for me!!

Jessica Burkhart said...

I'm never able to choose! When I list favorite books in my Blogger profile, I feel guilty because I've left off so many. :)

Wendy Toliver said...

Oh I agree! Sure, we have our classics and old stand-bys for whenever that question arises, but there are so many kinds of books out there, it's hard to compare apples to oranges.

Blackroze37, I read shampoo bottles too, and some are quite intriguing these days! :)

And when I was in high school I worked in the video section of a grocery store, and I never shelved a movie without first reading the back.

Amanda Ashby said...

Jessica, I always feel bad when I friend a fav author on myspace and then realize that they're not listed on my profile section!!

Hahaha - Wendy, that's so funny about the video store! Actually, I always notice that when I buy my gossip mag in the supermarket, the checkout people can't help but read the cover while they're scanning it!!!

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