Monday, October 22

Loving Pets, Losing Pets

As some of you already know, I'm a bit of a pet lover. I have a nice assortment of animals and am always acquiring new ones. But I never had dogs until I got married. I have to admit that the biggest reason I didn't want a dog is the whole death thing. I know, I know. "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved" and all that. But still. Losing any animal is sad enough, but for some reason I have a really hard time imagining the day my dogs die.

My neighbor just lost her beloved dog this weekend. It was early, still dark, and it ran under the tires of a truck. I took the dog to her door and we cried. Naturally, she was so sad and shocked that she couldn't barely speak. Though I'm rarely at a loss of words, I didn't know what to say. Sometimes it is best to just be there for somebody, quiet and sympathetic.

Sheesh. This is a bit of a somber post, isn't it? I hope it doesn't make you sad. Rather, I hope it inspires you to give your pet some extra love today.


bevrosenbaum said...

I hear ya, Wendy. I'm posting next on this topic and have a lot to say...

Sara Hantz said...

We've always had dogs and losing them is so awful. It can take years to get over them. Having said that, we wouldn't be without one.

Gerb said...

There's place in the world for somber posts. Bad/sad things happen and sometimes we have to take a moment and let ourselves grieve. So, so sorry about your neighbor's dog.


Kelly Parra said...

Yes, it's so sad when a loved pet passes away.

Shannon said...

No matter what If you love something it's hard to give up. It's very sad when a lovable pet passed away. I remeber when I have a cat died and I was crying like a babby. It was very sad. I still can't forget about that day.
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