Monday, February 18

Now I like it, now I don't!

When I was five or six, my dad and I would take business trips together when I wasn't in school. We'd drive from Nashville to Ocala, Florida and on every trip, my dad would play his country tapes. Yep, that was back in the early 90's where CDs weren't out or weren't popular yet. My dad had zillions of tapes and we sang out loud for ten hours on our way south singing "Tear in my Beer" and "Achy Breaky Heart." I loved singing those songs! Our trip once took us down to Key West and we were in a restaurant when one of Dad's country songs came on. Dad told someone there I loved to sing and the manager helped me onto a table to sing! Granted, my singing voice was probably awful, but I filled a jar with tips. That clinched it--I loved Dad's country music.

But when I hit twelve or thirteen, Dad's country music became...embarrassing! I didn't like it anymore and never told any of my friends I used to like country music. I'd moved onto Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. Hardcore bubblegum pop.

Now, at 21, I can appreciate my Dad's old songs. I don't mind listening to them every so often and they always remind me of the roadtrips we'd taken. Sure, I've got BSB and *NSYNC CDs on my shelf, but I've got a couple of Dad's CDs mixed in there, too. It feels like one of those full circle moments.

So, anyone have a similar experience? Love certain music as a kid and then hit teenage years and dislike it, only to later enjoy the music as an adult?


Erica Orloff said...

I never liked pop. But I still have a fondness for disco (from days of clubbing, then death of disco, to now I hear it and smile and remember the Palladium in NYC).

Oddly enough, my oldest daughter is almost 18, and we have almost identical stuff on our iPods. Lots of alternative music--The Arcade Fire, Feist, Cake, Red House Painters. Kind of funny, because we didn't like the same music for a while, and now we are very similar (she went through a rap phase--and I like some rap, but not hardcore . . . and now she's the same way . . . still loves Eminem, and a few others, like Dr. Dre . . . but moved away from it to alternative).

TJBrown said...

My kids have a wide range of music on their iPods. And I find it hysterical that my daught now listens to country western music, which I loved as a kid, hated as a teen and now enjoy again. Only, my parent's country western is way different than it is now or even what your dad listened to:)

Wendy Toliver said...

My parents listened to 50s music and I was so embarrassed by that, even in elem. school. I'd love going to my friend's houses so I could listen to "cool" music, you know, like Wham! and Depeche Mode. Ever since I've been old enough to choose my own music, I've been of the Top 40s or Alternative Rock persuasions,and I guess I still am.

Amanda Ashby said...

I actually always loved my parents' music. Lots of Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Carly Simons etc. However, when I first met my husband I struggled with some of his stuff - Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa through to Stravinsky. However, over the years he's worn me down and now I like pretty much everything he owns (in moderation!!!)

Anonymous said...

Now my friends and I love to admit the embarrassing music we used to listen to, because we all have it. I used to have tapes by Paula Abdul (way before American Idol), Tiffany, New Kids on the Block and Milli Vanilli. There was a time when I would have died before admit to that, but now it's just fun. The songs are kitschy now, so out-of-fashion they're becoming cool again. I've even begun downloading many of them onto my iPod.

Melissa Walker said...

I always thought I hated country music, until I left NC for college in NY. Then I just MISSED those banjos and twangs! I still pine for country, and I have a LONG mix on my ipod that I subject my boyfriend to EVERY TIME we leave the city! (It's perfect road trip music.)

Gerb said...

Interesting question. I don't think I ever 'dropped' any of the music I've liked - my list just keeps growing. I've always liked the top 40 stuff, went through a classic rock phase in high school, moved on to classical and jazz in college, certain show tunes, and even some southern gospel and rat pack when the mood strikes. The only type of music I really *don't* like is hard core rap, and really twangy my-woman-left-with-my-cousin-and-my-dog-died-in-my-broken-pickup-truck kind of country stuff.

But who knows? I might grow to like either one by tomorrow. : )

Kelly Parra said...

Believe me the music I danced to in junior high wouldn't have me moving much at all today. But that may have to do with my age and not being as flexible anymore. haha!

Sara Hantz said...

My mother listened to soundtracks from all the old musicals.... hence my love for them, I'm sure. My daughter does like show tunes, but not as much as me.... as for my son....

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