Thursday, April 23

Anything Goes: Sand Fantasies

Well, it's Anything Goes Week, so I'm going with... sand art!

Why? Well, Lis just showed me this video of sand art by Ilana Yahav, and I got completely entranced. Though the music is a little elevator-friendly for my taste, the creation is amazing. Plus, it made me think of some books: The Giving Tree, Twilight, Sleeping Beauty and the cover story I just did for Leigh Brescia's One Wish (which is what prompted Lis to post the link):

PS-The other random thing about this is that whenever I doodle, I always doodle umbrellas. I just like the shape. Hope you guys enjoy the video! Thanks, Lis!


Steph said...

Sand art is awesome! She's amazing!


Alyson Noel said...

Wow, that was mesmerizing!!

Thanks for posting!

robin_titan said...

No problem :D

Gerb said...

Oh, how very cool!