Saturday, April 4

Winner of the Zombie Survival Kit

Okay before I announce the winner of the Zombie Survival Kit - which of course contains everything a person would need to survive a zombie attack (and a few things they might not need) first I'd just like to say how happy, thrilled, excited and proud I am about Alyson Noel's continued success with Evermore!!!

In fact I think I can speak for everyone at Teen Fiction Cafe when I say that we love Alyson dearly and no one deserves this more than she does. And judging by the zillion comments there are to win a copy of her next book, I think everyone else agrees with me! So a big yay for Alyson!

And now, straight to the juicy goodness of the matter! The winner is:


So, Celinda if you could send me your postal details I will get everything posted out to you. Also, since you already have a copy of Zombie Queen of Newbury High if you like to have a copy of my other book You Had Me at Halo, just let me know and I'll do the swap!!!!!

And thanks to everyone else who entered - I can't begin to tell you how much I loved all your brilliant comments - not to mention the crafty ways you all managed to get my man DB into the answers. You sure know how to make a girl happy!!!!!!!


Celinda said...


Thank you so much! I screamed at my husband when I found out and told him that I WIN!!! He disagreed of course, but he couldn't deny that I had a survival kit and he didn't.

Any how, thanks for writing great books! I love finding things that my students will enjoy. I teach in an area where the 9th graders have an average of a 5th grade reading level, so they don't like to read, I showed them your book, and the few that read it enjoyed it!

Also, thanks for promoting each others books. It helps me find good reads not only for myself, but for my students.

Thanks Again. You and Alyson Noel totally rock!

Lexie said...

way to go Celinda! (so when the inevitable happens, do you promise to let us all in on how we can survive?)

Alyson Noel said...

Amanda you are too sweet!

And huge congrats to Celinda!!!

Melissa Walker said...

Awesome! I loved the creative comments and all the hilarious images of DB... just hope he googles himself!

Kelly Parra said...

Congrats to Celinda!! Fun contest, Amanda!!