Monday, June 8


I've been fascinated over the last 8 weeks how Britains Got Talent entrant Susan Boyle has become internationally famous - thanks to You Tube. What is it about Susan that makes everyone love her? I remember seeing the first time she came on stage and my jaw dropping when she began to sing. Memories of Paul Potts from two years previously springs to mind.

I worry about how she'll cope. The media, so quick to lift her up are just as quickly trying to knock her down.

Another awesome contestant, who reached the final but not the top three was 12 year old Shaheen. Check this out..... wow..... and he's only 12. And how right was Simon Cowell when he stopped his performance initially. And the media even had it in for him, because he'd performed on stage in the past..... and their point is?????

So what are you views on the way the media treat people like Susan or Shaheen?


Sara Z. said...

Have you seen the documentary My Kid Could Paint That?
In it, a very astute journalist says that in order for news shows and magazines, etc., to keep getting advertising dollars, they need good stories, and good stories have to change. So if someone is a hero too long, the story has to change and that person becomes a scapegoat. Or the life-affirming human interest story has to change into something darker and suspicious. Etc.

Britney of course is the recent uber example of this. The media loved her, and then when she was in serious trouble totally turned on her.

Sara Hantz said...

I haven't seen it Sara, sounds really interesting. I'll try and track it down.

Pat Posner said...

You know I never know what's going on so I can't really comment.
I have actually heard of Susuan Boyle and Simon thingie, though.
Guess that will surprise you!

Amanda Ashby said...

Good post Sara H and Sara Z - in Australia it gets called Tall Poppy Syndrome where we love to build people up but when they get too big we need to chop them down. Sorta scary

Christina Phillips said...

It annoys me. The media has to blow everything up way out of proportion and yes they put these people up on a pedestal but only, I'm convinced, so they can later turn round and knock them off. Have they ever heard of karma coming round to bite butts?

Sara Hantz said...

Pat, I am surprised ;)

Sara Hantz said...

Amanda, I hate Tall Popp Syndrome and I agree it is scary!

Sara Hantz said...

You're right, Christina!