Friday, June 19

More GNF!!!

Huge Congrats to Lauren and Stephanie on their exciting news, and since it's GNF I figured I'd add some of my own!

Just 18 more days now until BLUE MOON, book 2 in THE IMMORTALS series, hits the shelves, but you can watch the book trailer HERE!

Also, EVERMORE hit #4 this week on the NYT Best Seller list for Children's Paperbacks--making for 19 weeks in the top 5, and it also jumped to#89 on the USA Today list, and remains at #2 on the Publisher's Weekly Best Seller list for Children's Fiction!


And in case you're wondering, those pictures above are of the EVERMORE and BLUE MOON cakes my publisher served at a little party they threw for my in NYC last week!! They were so beautiful I was reluctant to eat them--but, I did, and they were Delicious!!!!

So what about you--any good news to share?  Any plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday Everyone!



Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

How fabulous are you and your books??? OK, in case you don't know - pretty damn fabulous!!!

Alea said...

Oh my goodness those cakes are masterpieces!

Alyson Noel said...

Lauren- you make me blush!

Alea- They were truly amazing--a real work of art!

Kay Cassidy said...

Totally darling! I would've been sad to eat them too, but at least you got wonderful pictures of them. :-) So fun!

Sara Hantz said...

OMG I LOVE those cakes!! And huge congrats on all your fabulous good news!!!

Amanda Ashby said...

Wow - the two things I love best in life are books and cake so I can totally appreciate how thrilled you must've been when you're publisher presented those babies to you!! Yum!!!

Melissa Walker said...

I love those cakes! So cool, Alyson!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Awesome cakes!!!! And how exciting and well deserved the success of the series is!

Wendy Toliver said...

You know you've REALLY made it when you get such cool cakes made in your honor! WOW! :)