Wednesday, November 18

American Pie

(blog title courtesy of Don McClean_

So this week’s topic is food—something I love, look forward to, but also have a pretty bizarre relationship with, in that I’ll try anything once:

Pigeon pie in Morroco? Check!

Fried crickets in Santa Monica? Sure, why not!?

Lamb’s brain in Greece? Bring it on!

While, grilled octopus is one of my very favorite things in the world!

But faced with the prospect of fast food of any kind, all you can eat buffets, and/or cafeteria food—and I’d rather deal with the hunger pangs until I can locate something, er, else.

And apparently my aversion is so bad that a few years ago, a good friend and former fellow flight attendant, told me that back when we first met she was sure I had an eating disorder due to the fact that I pretty much survived six weeks of airline training on nothing but frozen yogurt (it was the only thing in the entire Delta cafeteria that I could bring myself to eat), but then later, when we shared an apartment in NYC and she saw me in action at a restaurant, she quickly changed her mind.

So what about YOU?

What food will you avoid at all costs?

PS- SHADOWLAND was released yesterday, and it's WalMart's "Read of the Month!!"


Kay Cassidy said...

Congrats on the Walmart nod for Shadowland, Alyson!!! And OH BOY are you adventurous compared to me. LOL I'm actually a really picky eater. My husband will eat anything (which bodes well for our marriage considering my culinary mediocrity), but we have a thing that we do at restaurants. I always ask him "What are you getting?" which is really code for "What's my backup?" We've actually traded dinners on occasion because I really didn't like mine and he usually doesn't care. :-)

AE Rought said...

I avoid onions, asparagus, MIL's vension stir fry made with frozen veggies *shudder*... There are other foods, but these are the tops of my Will Not Eat list.

My favorite food? A grilled, medium rare steak. What can I say? I'm a carnivore.

Congrats on your release, and the Read of the Month status! Yay, you!!

Kim Harrington said...

I am the world's pickiest eater. I don't like meat. I don't like seafood. I don't like vegetables. I basically survive on pasta, pizza, yogurt, and cereal.

Alyson Noel said...

Kay- Love the idea of a backup plan! I ask the same question of my husband, though I look at it more as a second plate to pick from!

AE Rought- frozen veggies? I'm with you--no can do!

Kim- LOL! I have a niece like you, I always tease her that when she's old enough to date she's still going to be ordering off the children's menu!

Nicolette said...

I try to avoid anything with fish cause i dont really like fish except for tuna. I am a fairly picky eater and I hate eating the same thing day after day except for waffles and cereal.

+ congrats about Shadowland. I'm a huge fan of your books and I hope to buy Shadowland this weekend.

Alyson Noel said...

Thanks, Nicolette! I could eat waffles everyday too--no problem!

Our Cozy Little Book Corner said...

Congrats on the Walmart Read of the Month! It sure is! :)

I'm a Vegetarian so i guess that is my food issue, I'm the only vegetarian in the house my hubby and 2 girls aren't (they have to make up their own minds on that). So when cooking I have to be careful how i cook it, take up my portions then add meat.

on a side note I'm going to be posting about your evermore and blue moon book this weekend on my blog and getting Shadowland this weekend

Alyson Noel said...

Hi CozyLittleBookCorner- I eat very little (I mean VERY little) red meat, but I do love me some fish and crustaceans!

Thanks for the blog mention--I'll be on the lookout!

Amanda Ashby said...

Alyson - yay that Shadowlands is out and is a Walmart read of the month. That is so cool. My most hated food is bananas. Bleurgh. I hate the smell, I hate the look of them and most of all I hate the sound they make when people eat them. But apart from that I'm completely normal!!!!

Celise said...

Liver and onions, brussel sprouts, anything spicy

Melissa Walker said...

I am a big avoider of sweet pickles! Though I love dill...


Gerb said...

I absolutely can't eat bell peppers - though I wish I could; they're so pretty in dishes.

Food I would avoid - natto. Gross, gross, gross!

Congrats on the Walmart selection!

Sara Hantz said...

Congrats on Shadowland coming out, can't wait to read it.

I'm not an adventurous eater, in fact I've always been really picky.... as a child I wouldn't eat eggs, meat or veggies.... or fish....

I LOVED cheese and potatoes, and still do (though now I can only eat goats cheese)!

Alyson Noel said...

Amanda- Bananas MAKE A SOUND when you eat them? Hilarious!

Celise- I'm def a weirdo who loves me some liver & onions!

Melissa- Sweet pickles = BLECH!! I'm in total agreement there!

Gerb- what is natto? Do tell!

Sarah- You just can't go wrong with cheese or potatoes!

Wendy Toliver said...

Though I don't consider myself extremely picky, there are lots of foods I avoid. Any meat that I have to eat off the bone gives me the shivers. Blood sausage. Just the name of it grosses me out. Mincemeat pie and head cheese. (again with the names) Fried pork rinds. Okra. Fruit cake.

I'm curious what natto is, too, Gerb.

And Alyson, huge congrat's on Shadowland's recent Wal-Mart success!