Tuesday, January 5

Beauty Schooled

The topic of the week here at TFC is schools, and I have had a peek into a very interesting school world lately through a friend's blog, Beauty Schooled. Said friend is a magazine writer who's attending Beauty School to learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry, and she's writing about it in a fascinating, weird, funny, insightful way.

For example:

Her tests are way different from high school's. (The Makeup Practical)

She highlights a news story about a Milwaukee first-grade teacher who cut off one of 7-year-old LMya Cammon’s braids when the little girl wouldn’t stop twirling them in class.

Making friends over sparkly blush and mascara wands.

She does Ingredient Watches (the latest is on Parabens and there was the one about Placenta...).

Borrowing her tagline, it's "An investigation of the price we pay for pretty." And it's awesome.

I've always wondered about Beauty School, and Drama School... and Flight School (though I'm too scared for that). What types of schools intrigue you?


Alyson Noel said...

Beauty school, Art School, Interior Design school--all intrigue me.

Clown school-is way too scary.

And I barely survived 6 weeks of Flight Attendant school . . .


Shelli said...

do clowns go to makeup school? food for thought :)

Gerb said...

Years ago I took a break from college to go to travel school. Never did take a job as a travel agent, but if you ever need an airport code, I'm on it!

Wendy Toliver said...

wow, that *is* a great tag line!

I heard there are very few who are accepted into Clown School but that upon getting hired by a major circus, they make great money.I agree that sounds scary, though!

I think cooking school (chef school?) would be interesting. My aunt and cousins have one in Santa Fe, but it's more a cool thing for tourists and groups of friends or co-workers to do than chef-training.

Oooh! What about semminary school? Like to learn how to be a preacher? I wonder if they party there?
Great post, Melissa!

Marjolein said...

I did beauty school for one year(..an after that I was officially a Beauty School Dropout..) .It just wasn't my kind of thing and some beautician techniques where really difficult to learn!
But the make up classes where alway cool, still have the little silver make up trunk!

Melissa Walker said...

I'm glad everyone share's my school thoughts. And Shelli, if there's no makeup school for clowns then I'm certain it's at least a semester of their clown college!

Wendy, Culinary School--yes!

Marjolein--I'm fascinated! You should definitely visit the beauty schooled blog and weigh in on your experiences. I wonder how different they were.

Erica Orloff said...

Beauty school would be mine. I actually applied and got into one years ago (I was 22, had a college degree, but really wanted to cut hair in Manhattan). But then publishing sort of "called" for me . . . and I went into that.

I would like to go to cooking school since I can't cook. Bit if it involved doing dishes, then no.