Friday, January 29

Good News Friday: Girls' Life Interview!

Just wanted to share my recent interview in Girls' Life Magazine!

A quick excerpt:

Samanthan Davis: I LOVE reading, but when it comes to writing, I don’t even know where to start! So, what should I write about?!

Melissa Walker: Write about your life, what you love, what bugs you, what inspires you—anything that comes to mind! Even just narrating your day will help you find a voice that fits. And don’t be critical of your own writing. Just let it flow—every word you put down is practice.

If you’re more into fiction, pick up a book of writing prompts (author Aimee Bender puts up a quirky prompt every month on her site This month’s is: “One page that contains a broken gadget of some sort and a dancer.” Go!

It was really fun to do this interview! (You can read the full version too.) Thanks for letting me celebrate here.