Monday, February 8

Fashion Week: Extremes

It's Fashion Week at TFC (okay, last week was Fashion Week, but I'm late!). Anyway, I work closely with the fashion industry for my magazine jobs, and I'm always astounded at how night-and-day my two careers are.

So, when I'm a magazine editor, I look something like this (note ridiculously large sunglasses and vintage Oscar de la Renta heels in grass--silly):

And when I'm an author, this is me (unbrushed hair, fleece, general lack of make-up):

They're both me, in a weird way. Though I wear fewer heels than I used to (those things HURT!).

Does anyone else have two (or more) fashion personalities?


Wendy Toliver said...

I think I have 3 fashion personalities. Sporty because I like to work out (okay, so I force myself to work out, but having cute work out clothes definitely helps), go wakeboarding in summer and snowboarding in winter.
Then there's my writer self, who looks much like your writer self, only not as cute.
Third, I have my "Yay I get to go out into public!" side, when I wear something newish and fun, whether jeans and flats or a dress and tall boots. It's funny b/c there are some people who think I'm always dressed cute, but little do they know .... !

Alyson Noel said...


There is sweatpants-slippers-reading glasses-and no make-up- writer me!


Yippee-I-get-to -dress-up-and-wear-lipgloss-and heels-and-go-out-in-public me!

It's like my own version of Jekyl & Hyde!

Sara McClung ♥ said...

okay. both sides of you are SO COOL! I love the big shades and oscar de la rentas :-)

I have two similar sides... but I don't have anything nearly as cool as working with fashion through magazines to go with them!

Wendy Toliver said...

yeah, I think we're all a bit jealous of Melissa! :)

Amanda Ashby said...

Melissa - you look adorable in both shots!!!!

As for me, I love vintage clothes and have loads in my closet but until I started working in the library, I never got a chance to wear them - opting instead for jeans and converse.

However, now I always have customers coming up and telling me when they've seen a vintage dress I might like, or if they've seen a movie with awesome old clothes. Naturally this makes me feel a lot cooler than I really am!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

Amanda, I love vintage so much too!

Thanks for the kind words, people, but remember that I'm obviously posting the best pics of me that I have. There are plenty that will never see the light of blog! Haha.

And: Fashion people can be mean. So there's that to not be jealous of too. I've cried more than once.

games said...

Hey you look beautiful, that dress looks great with the color of your hair too :)

Greetings from Kansas!