Sunday, June 5

In A Perfect World........

This week it's all about a perfect world. Rather than focusing on wider world issues, like poverty, wars, and disasters which we'd all love to eradicate, I thought I'd list ten things that would help make my life more perfect:

1. Everyone to want to watch the same TV program at the same time.
2. No complaints about the meals I cook (that could be tricky, seeing as I burn most things).
3. No bickering.
4. Chocolate to be calorie free.
5. Washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning to magically do itself.
6. TV programs I watch to be spread evenly across the week, and not all on one night.
7. Sunshine every day.
8. No internet problems.
9. Children to do everything I ask, without question.
10.Dog to only shed her hair outside.

Okay, so these are little things..... what about you, what would make your life a little more perfect?

1 comment:

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Great list! Especially Chocolate being calorie-free. Someone needs to get on that one!