Thursday, June 30

In A Perfect World.

The topic this week is In A Perfect World. When people talk about what can be done to make this a more perfect world they never mention the main problem facing our society. I’m talking about war. Think about it. We’re killing and maiming each other daily. We’ve become so jaded that if you even attempt to voice opposition to war you’re quickly dismissed as a bleeding heart, naive dreamer. The common perception of war is that it’s inevitable; it’s going to happen, definitely, so you might as well prepare for it and if you don’t you’re just being foolish and immature.

When I was younger I could sit and watch a war picture and sometimes even get caught up in the adventure of it all but I can’t really do that anymore. Now war movies just look like insanity to me. There’s no adventure in watching people, nations, tribes, or cultures cutting each other down like a sick and bitter harvest.

It’s just not the death and destruction, or the lost wages, opportunities and potential. It’s also the money; think about the trillions upon trillions of dollars that are spent year after year by nations on defense. Ever wonder what we could do with all that money? Well, I bet we could feed the world, we could make starvation a thing of the past and while we’re at it, did you know that well over two million people, mainly children, die each and every year simply because they don’t have clean water? We spend trillions on guns and bombs while millions die from dirty water. We could make sure that everyone has clean water to drink. And while we’re at it, how about worldwide free healthcare? How about cures for cancer and other diseases? We could do all of that with the money that’s wasted on war.

Think about it. Imagine what mankind could do, imagine what we could accomplish if we could only manage to just stop killing each other. Greatness would be within our grasp. I’m not saying that the lack of war would absolutely guarantee a perfect world but I will go so far as to guarantee that it would be a far, far more perfect world than the one we have now.

The first step is to recognize war as the collective insanity that it is and the second step is to begin preaching the possibilities of what this world could accomplish if it could manage to free itself from that insanity.

Isn’t it time to make imagine world peace more than just a bumper sticker?



Wendy Toliver said...

great, thought-provoking post, Greg!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

What a powerful post, Greg and I agree 100%

Teen Fiction Centre said...

Interesting post, and a great blog!

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