Sunday, December 23

Movies: Enchanted

So this week at TFC, our topic is movies. The next to the last movie I saw was "Enchanted." We won't even talk about the last movie I saw, a week ago today when I missed the plane I was supposed to be on to Florida and had to take one 12 hours later. That movie was so awful, I've selectively forgotten the name. Bleagh.

But "Enchanted"? "Enchanted" was a movie I'd heard so much about. Unless you live under a rock, as I sometimes do, you probably already know that "Enchanted" is revisionist Disney, a sort-of satire where The House The Mouse Built pokes gentle fun at some of its most spectacular successes: Princess stumbles out of cartoonland into New York City where she meets a modern prince, a divorced divorce lawyer complete with cute daughter. Mice clean the house, birds land on extended fingers, people occasionally break into song.

I'm not sure what I expected, but I know I expected to enjoy it more than I did. I think part of the problem, like with a lot of movies, is that each scene is 30-60 seconds too long. Then, too, a good part of the movie is prologue and then - boom! - you feel like you're close to the end. But I find that all movies, even the bad ones - and this was by no means a bad movie, just not as good as I expected - make me think about something. Sometimes it's about writing, since the story arc of enjoyable fiction often mimics or shares the structure of film. Sometimes it's about life itself.

So what am I thinking now? I'm thinking about the concept of Prince Charming, the promise of lasting romance (for realism's sake, we'll skip Happily Ever After). Is the idea of loving one person forever a fantasy? Is the idea of Prince Charming in general damaging to women? Am I just reaching for questions here because it's Sunday, I need to write this blog, and now I'm starting to ramble???


I'll tell you one thing I do know: More people should just spontaneously break into song.

A belated Hanukkah if that's your holiday, a Merry Christmas or Kwanzaa if yours is yet to come, if you're atheist I hope you enjoy every day and don't find the rest of us too annoying, and a Happy New Year to all.

Oh, and SECRETS OF MY SUBURBAN LIFE will go on sale January 8, so if anyone/everyone wants to ensure I have a great holiday season...

Be well. Don't forget to write.


Erica Orloff said...

I don't want my daughters to believe in Prince Charming. I don't want them, frankly, to believe in marriage, in the conventions society seems to expect of people and women. I don't know that's it's inherently harmful--I'm a sucker for a happy ending . . . and I like escapist films and books . . . but I definitely think girls today should believe in "sistahs doin' it for themselves."


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...


Gerb said...

I took my kids to see Enchanted on Thanksgiving, and I actually enjoyed it. I do see what you mean, though, that some scenes could have benefited from a little editing...

As for the Prince Charming question - I stress to my daughters to get a good education so *they* can pursue their dreams. I don't want them taking up with a guy who's been putzing around, waiting for a girl to take care of him and make him get his act together any more than I want them putting their lives on hold, hoping some guy is going to come along to make them complete.

Meanwhile, the only other movie I've seen in the past month was The Golden Compass. Loved the books. The movie was beautiful to look at, but the storytelling was confusing and disjointed... and they lopped off the ending! Big disappointment.

After this next round of revisions is done, I'm going to treat myself by going to see Sweeney Todd. Saw it last year on Broadway and I'd love to see how Johnny Depp handles the title role. He seldom disappoints.


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Hey, Gerb! Love Depp, but now you've reminded me that Golden Compass was the forgettable movie I saw since Enchanted. I've always said I'll never cook or clean for anyone - but of course I'll help pursue dreams with vigor - so any Prince Charmings who want that sort of thing will have to look further than your daughters and me.

Wendy Toliver said...

OooO! I do want to get your book, a great way to spend some of my Christmas money (that I'm hoping to get!).

Enchanted. I liked it and found it entertaining. However, I thought it moved way too slow at parts, too, and my boys weren't too keen on the fact that it was from a Princess's POV.Like many movies these days, the funniest parts were shown on the trailers and weren't a surprise.

I laughed so hard at your para about spontaneously breaking into song. Isn't that true! :)

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Wendy, I'm guessing we can sing at each other anytime. I think I also had trouble buying the McDreamy guy as Prince Charming. I've just never understood the appeal there. Me, I think I'd prefer the crazy prince who puts his sword through the bus's roof - my kind of guy!

Alyson Noel said...

Didn't see Enchanted . . .but I really LOVED LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, and INTO THE WILD- the last two movies I saw in the theater.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Thanks for the tips, Alyson! Joyeux You!

Sara Hantz said...

I'm hanging out to see Enchanted - hopefully next week. I love movies like that.

Erica, my daughter (and son, for that matter) has been bought up to know that she shouldn't have to rely on anyone to get her places.... she does it herself!!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Hey, Sara! Here's to strong daughters!

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