Tuesday, January 15

Where Do You Get Your Books?

I'm assuming that if you're stopping by the Teen Fiction Cafe, you like books. That or you just think we are adorable. :) So ... since we're chatting about books this week, my question is this: Where do you get your books?

Do you borrow from your local library?

Do you buy from a big chain bookstore, like Barnes and Noble, Hastings, or Borders?

Do you hit whatever bookstore is in the mall the day you go searching for that perfect handbag?

Do you prefer to purchase your books online from Amazon, Overstock or the like?

Do you do the Ebay thang?

Are you most likely to shop at cozy, independent bookstores, like Wisebird Bookery or the Tattered Cover?

Do you frequent garage sales, or swipe books from your friends' personal libraries?

I get my books from many places. If the author is a friend of mine, I'll buy it as soon after the release date as possible, usually from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com. If my wallet's on the empty side, I like to bring my used books into the local Hastings and get credit to use towards the purchase of new books. A lot of my books are in manuscript format because I am a freelance cover copy writer and I'm lucky enough to be a critique partner for some really awesome authors. When I'm buying a gift for one of my darling nieces or nephew, I like to hang out at a local independent bookstore, where I can sip on a chai tea and flip through picture books to my heart's desire. And I'm not exactly a stranger at the local library, either! :)


Alyson Noel said...

B&N.com, Amazon.com, Border's, Laguna Beach Books, Latitude 33, Target, the airport (any airport). . .okay, basically anywhere books are sold! Though as much as I love libraries, I rarely check out books, I like to own them and know that they're MINE!

Anonymous said...

mostly i pick up my stock of american books at the american bookstore here in the netherlands.

stephhale said...

Um, all of the above. I'm a total addict. :)

Brian Mandabach said...

We had a beautiful indie bookstore in Colorado Springs, Chinook, which closed after over 40 years. It was tragical.

Now, I have to use Borders and B & N. Our big used store downtown moved and is mostly operating as an online store now, but there is one old used store left.

We go to the library every week, which is particularly great for kids books (since we go through so many!)

We like to buy books, though, for the kids too, and for ourselves to have and to hold until death do us part.

We love to go to indie stores when we travel. I should blog a list of favs . . . I adore the Tattered Cover and the Boulder Bookstore.

Also, we use Amazon and Powell's online.

Amanda Ashby said...

I love going to the library, though these days a lot of the books I read are published in the US, so I either buy them from Barbara's Books in Auckland or amazon or one of the NZ online retailers depending on how quickly I want them to arrive!!!

bevrosenbaum said...

Libraries! Indies! Chains! You name it, I've been there, done that!

Gerb said...

I pick up books wherever I can find them - stores, libraries, amazon, you name it. I'm an addict, too.

Wendy Toliver said...

Thanks to those of you who've chimed in so far ... I feel like we should all hold hands and say "My name is whatever and I'm a book addict." LOL.

Brian, if you blog your favorite indie bookstores from your travels, please be sure to drop by the Teen Fiction Cafe and leave a link so we can all check it out!

Unknown said...

where ever i can find them
last night i order 2 from overstock.com
and amazoncom
even at banres and noble.com., they have a used section for when money is realllllllly tight and can get a decnt price there
bookamillion only close book store

walamrt, kmart., cvs,walgreens, i check out any place that has books
yard sales

i pass alot of the books on the hospice and places liek that , they come here for my HIM .lol not sure ewhat to call him,
but i pass the book along with the nurse for them and other patitens

Wendy Toliver said...

That's so cool you donate your books, blackroze37. Thanks for posting!

Sara Hantz said...

Book stores - can't walk past one without going in and buying.

Online - Amazon, mainly.

I don't go to the library because, like Alyson, I like my own copy!

Emily said...

Back home I buy from the independent bookstore I grew up in. Here in Phoenix I buy from Barnes and Noble or online from Amazon.com. This said a lot to me when I realized my kids enjoy just visiting the book store to browse, read, and talk as much as I do. =)

danetteb said...

I love going into the bookstore,but I don't mind pre ordering online my auto buys.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Anywhere they sell books, I'm there! I love Borders and Amazon, and independents. :)

Anonymous said...

I get most of mine from Amazon,I love going to the libary though and just randomly picking up any book,I dont even look at the title sometimes can get great books that way.

A Paperback Writer said...

Just a warning to you all, folks:
If you buy your books -- or anything else -- from overstocks.com, you are helping to support the campaign AGAINST good public schools and public education. The overstocks owner gave 2 million dollars to the Utah referendum to give taxpayer money to private, unregulated schools. And he's still on the rampage.....
I will NEVER buy anything on that site again.
On a happier note, I try to suport independent bookstores whenever possible, but I will buy from Amazon and B&N and Blackwells too.
My favorite local bookstore in Salt Lake City is The King's English, but I also like Frost's Books.
And I LOVE my library!!!!

stevie said...

ewww! Books... lets see... I go to my schools library for kiddier books (like teen books but I'm still in elementary school so they make sure there’s nothing like sex or swearing in the books) then I go to my public library for older books (they don’t have anything that’s been printed in the last 3 years). I get a lot of good books from my moms friends 16 year old daughter and of course I shop at chapters, Coles and indigo (big book chain here in Canada)

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