Thursday, February 18

Overflowing TBR shelves

I've been on a book buying spree for the last 12 months. At last count, I think I'd bought well over 200. Some of those are librarian prizes for the national Great Scavenger Hunt Contest reading program I host, but at least half of those are for my own use.

What's on the list? A little bit of everything!
  • YA books
  • Middle grades books
  • Research books for The Cinderella Society series
  • Research books for my option book
  • Women's fiction and romance books
  • Mysteries
  • Even the occasional inspirational non-fiction title
The problem with this (budget aside because that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish) is that I have been busier in the last year than I ever expected. So most of those 100+ books that are for M-E? Yep. Still on my TBR shelves.

But I am committed to getting back to reading. Not only is it good for me to make time for things I enjoy, but it's good for my career too. Reading fabulous books inspires me to be a better writer. And so, with much fanfare, I moved my teetering TBR piles away from my comfy reading chair (where they were on the verge of burying me in paper if it toppled over) and into the safety of a bookcase. I can happily stare at these books and get all giddy about the literary goodness that awaits me.

Except... I can never decide what to read.

The problem, I've discovered, is that having too many good books to read is almost as troublesome as having not enough good books to read. Am I in the mood for a chick lit or a mystery? A middle grades adventure or a serious women's fiction? Usually I'm somewhere in the middle and that's no help whatsoever, thankyouverymuchbrain.

Craziest of all? I'm still. buying. books. I swear I need adult supervision when I enter a bookstore. But you know what? I will read those books. I will.

In fact, I'm willing to make a solemn vow right here at the Teen Fiction Cafe:

I vow to read the books currently on my TBR shelves by 12/31/10 come heck or high water.

There. I feel better already. Now if I could just decide what to read next. :-) What are you reading right now?


Gerb said...

We could be sisters, Kay. I have the same affliction. My TBR pile has grown so much that I don't even know how many are waiting for me anymore. But yes, I keep buying them, too. What can I say? Some women get a rush from buying shoes, I get a rush from buying books.

What I'm reading right now: GONE by Lisa McMann.

Mary not so Contrary said...

I wish I had that many on my TBR shelves!! That would be freakin awesome!

Right now I'm reading the Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr and I love THEM!!!

Amanda Ashby said...

Ever since I started working in the teen section of my local library my personal tbr pile has taken a big hit because I always tend to read my library books first (which is fine when I have 2 out but not so fine when I have 25 out!!!!!). I actually found that joining goodreads really helped me to get my reading back on track. I love that place!!!!!

Sara Hantz said...

At the moment I'm reading the third in the Imortal Instruments trilogy. they're awesome books.

Kay Cassidy said...

Ooo... good stuff you guys are reading! Next up for me is going to be The Lightning Thief, I think. And then my RITA books because I'm a good little dooby.

Alyson Beecher said...

Kay - I so hear you. I need the same intervention. I have started to organize my piles of books by categories...debut authors, or books by SoCal authors that I need to review for an awards committee, or books to blog. Recently I have been on a non-fiction picture book obsession...that are some great books out there.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I've been exploring all genres at the moment!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I just finished Ted Kennedy's True Compass - loved it - and a YA novel by Steve Herrick called Cold Skin; also loved it.

RandomRanter said...

A friend pointed out to me that it's not like books go bad, so why not. Although, yes, there is a point where it starts to weigh on you. But you will read them, you're just really well stocked.