Monday, July 26

Road Trip!

This week's topic is vacation and travel, which is apropos for me, since I feel like I've been on one long, extended vacation all summer, hopping from Ohio to Utah, Arizona, Mazatlan, Washington, D.C., New York City and tomorrow, Orlando.

Twice, the travel has included long trips in the car. I have to confess, even though in many instances I would much rather fly, I do love a good road trip. Which got me thinking... what makes a road trip good?

Here's what I came up with:

1. Good company. To me, a road trip is no fun done solo. It's all about the person you're with. The miles go by faster when you're talking and laughing. The shared experience of the trip is half the fun of making it.

2. Good Music. This must be good sing-along music so you can crank it up and belt it out. My favorite road trip music is classic rock and a select collection of show tunes. Just be careful... I once got pulled over because I was rocking out to an old Zeppelin song in the middle of the night on an empty road and the highway patrolman thought maybe I was drunk because I had been keeping the beat with the gas pedal.

3. Good scenery. There are certain long stretches of interstate that can get tedious *cough* Wyoming *cough* but for the most part, I love seeing how the landscape changes from state to state. Sometimes you have to look for the beauty to appreciate it.

What about you? Have you been on any road trips lately? What do you think makes them good?


Sara Z. said...

Having recently spent 14 hours in the car, the #1 key to road trip success:
well-placed rest stops!
No one wants to have to pee on the side of the road in Nevada. No cover.

Erika Powell said...

I am actually about to go on a road trip from NC to NEbraska for a friends wedding. there will be five of us in the car for 20 hours. should be fun...
I really can't wait.

Alyson Noel said...

Good classic rock that I can sing along to and some David Sedaris audio books that'll have me laughing hysterically, oh, and some well-placed rest stops as Sara Z said and I'm set!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

What makes for a good road trip? Quality snacks and the ability to sing about one hundred drinkable items on the wall.

Unknown said...

The latest road trip I've taken is writing a book set in a major Texas city which is also a vacation destination. That's because I don't have money for road trips, more's the pity. Please visit my blog. Thanks!

Amanda Ashby said...

I haven't road tripped in ages but the number one thing I need is to make sure the kids are fed and watered because otherwise things tend to get very messy!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

Junk food!