Tuesday, October 12

Style Secret: Etsy

It's not much of a secret since the site is at rockstar status, but Etsy is my style guru these days. I get daily emails in which fashionable types curate items that relate to a theme (today's theme was "Opalescence" and it featured this two-tiered necklace that was sold out when I clicked!):

You can find all manner of adorable items on the site--from fancy vintage kitchenware like this spoon and container set (below top) to slingback 80s pumps (below bottom, sadly not my size).

Sure you have to dig through some odd items (see Regretsy for a hilarious run-down of those), but isn't that the fun of getting a bargain or a lovely vintage piece to add to your stylish collection?

Happy Etsy-ing! Now, tell me where you secretly shop!


Wendy Toliver said...

Melissa! I am laughing my head off at some of the Regretsy items. I think I'll do all my christmas shopping there, hahaha

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Love the shoes.

Amanda Ashby said...

Oh - thank you for this fabulous link! As someone whose latest hobby is making cushion covers and lampshades out of retro souvenir table clothes, I think this is the place for me!!!!

Melissa Walker said...

It is perfect, you guys! I love Etsy. Just got the best Sailor Sweater for fall!

(And Wendy, yes, regretsy is HILARIOUS!)