Tuesday, February 1

Hilarity at the Movies

Sometimes I think the Oscar nominations overlook comedies, even though they're often harder to pull of well than dramas. It's LOL Moments week at TFC, so here are three LOL movies of 2010:

Greenberg. The poster is at left, and this one is just a dramatic/super-funny depiction of a New Yorker who goes to LA to house-sit for his brother and ends up falling for his brother's assistant. At its heart, Greenberg is a romantic comedy, but its wry humor and angsty moments add lots of layers.

Hot Tub Time Machine. Absurd back-in-time premise turns out to be heartwarming and utterly side-splitting.

Get Him to the Greek. If only for the scene with Diddy and his family, where the kids and Diddy start chanting, "It's Biggest Loser time! It's Biggest Loser time! It's Daddy's favorite show! It's Daddy's favorite show!"

Okay, so which other movies made you LOL this year? I bet Easy A is on lots of lists--I haven't seen it yet, but I want to!


Wendy Toliver said...

I haven't even heard of Greenberg. Sounds great! I didn't care for Hot Tub Time Machine, but I adored Get Him to the Greek. Recently I had my LOL moment at the Sundance screening of Life in a Day, when a new father is video taping his baby coming out of the mama and he faints, dropping the camera. A snickering nurse picks it up and tapes the dad, lying on the ground. The entire audience was rolling. Oh! I still haven't seen Easy A, either. (If only we could see it together!)

Amanda Ashby said...

I love comedies but I haven't watched any in ages - I think because I went off romantic comedies and all the other ones suddenly became majorly guy-centric. I do want to see Easy A though. For all my other laughs I just watch animated movies with the kids!

Melissa Walker said...

Oh, I want to see LIFE IN A DAY, Wendy. So fun that you get to go to Sundance.

Amanda, you're right! So much bromance out there now. I await the return of the funny ladies taking the lead. Tina Fey, I'm looking at YOU.