Tuesday, May 22

Spring Reading

Snorkeling in Hawaii with my son April 2012
I admit it: I'm on a bit of a John Green kick right now. I might even have an author crush on the poor guy. The last two books I've read are Looking for Alaska, which a dear friend gave me for my birthday, and Fault in Our Stars. Loved them both and now I'm eager to read more of his novels.

I recently had the good fortune of vacationing in Hawaii and The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks is the paperback I kept in my beach bag. I still need to finish it, and I aim to do so soon because the next books on my TBR list is Fated by TFC's Alyson Noel--who, as luck would have it, I get to see when she comes to Salt Lake City, Utah next week as part of her book tour.

If you could bring any (living) author to your neck of the woods for a book tour stop, who would you choose? 
Hanging out with Alyson Noel (right) at Javier's Cantina in Southern California March 2012  


Sara Hantz said...

I love John Green too. Just started his latest.

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