Sunday, December 16

Current Events Theme This Week--Just My Luck!

I have a confession to make. When the newspaper arrives at our house in the morning, the first section I grab is not 'World News'--it's 'Entertainment'.

Here's the thing. While I am definitely interested in the state of the world vis-a-vis global conflicts and issues, the truth is, I am slightly (okay, a lot) more interested in who's filming what where, and who's said what about which movie/book/theatrical or dance performance.

To my credit, I am not remotely interested in the latest Britney/ParisLindsay antics. (Pet peeve: why does MSN include this stuff in their Entertainment section? Isn't this gossip?)

I consider myself smart and well read, but I seem to lack the political understanding gene. I just can't seem to keep all the key players in a given situation straight. Sometimes I think I'd like to know more about a certain world conflict, but then I start reading about it and boom, once more than three groups are involved (and there always are--and let's not even talk about groups that were out of favor and now are in!), I'm lost.

I'm not shallow--really! I'm quite passionate about social issues and the environment. (Yay, Al Gore, for winning the Nobel Prize!) And I still do read that World News section, albeit after I'm done with Entertainment. I can only hope that one day, somebody comes up with a readers' guide for current events impaired people like me...

Blog ya later!



Amanda Ashby said...

Bev, I actually did a politics major at University and went from being passionately interested to completely disheartened within one year, and now I don't even both to follow what's going on. On the plus side, it stops me from getting frustrated and depressed!!!!

bevrosenbaum said...

Right, that's the other thing--even when you think there might be hope, there usually isn't...

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