Tuesday, December 4

Enter To Win...

Hi Everyone,

It's promo week @ TFC, and that means I get to gush all I want about my young adult novel, right? *grin* Well, I can't really, because I'm currently Writer with Deadline Looming. Yiiikes. But I'm more than happy to give away a copy of Graffiti Girl to an interested visitor. Just leave a comment to the question below from now until Thursday evening and I'll announce a winner soon after.

Here's a little about GG...

Graffiti art. It's bold. It's thrilling. And it can get a girl into serious trouble....

Raised by her single mom (who's always dating the wrong kind of man) in a struggling California neighborhood, Angel Rodriguez is a headstrong, independent young woman who channels her hopes and dreams for the future into her painting. But when her entry for a community mural doesn't rate, she's heartbroken. Even with winning artist Nathan Ramos -- a senior track star and Angel's secret crush -- taking a sudden interest in Angel and her art, she's angry and hurt. She's determined to find her own place in the art world, her own way.

That's when Miguel Badalin -- from the notorious graffiti crew Reyes Del Norte -- opens her eyes to an underground world of graf tags and turf wars. She's blown away by this bad boy's fantastic work and finds herself drawn to his dangerous charm. Soon she's running with Miguel's crew, pushing her skills to the limit and beginning to emerge as the artist she always dreamed she could be. But Nathan and Miguel are bitter enemies with a shared past, and choosing between them and their wildly different approaches to life and art means that Angel must decide what matters most before the artist inside of her can truly break free.  

You can even read an excerpt here.

Interested? Just tell me about something art related...such as, who is your fave artist? What's your fave piece of artwork that you own, wished you did, or something you do that's just cool crafty. Yeah, that's the ticket. I'm not picky. ;)

I'll start off. I've always been partial to Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. And I used to be quite the little painter. :)

Thanks and good luck, 


Lesha said...

My favorite artist is Leonardo da Vinci. One of my most prized possessions is an antique book filled with his artwork. :)

Leigh Brescia said...

Hmmm, something art-related. Well, when I was in the third or fourth grade my art teacher taught us how to paint watercolor sunsets. And so all that week I kept painting new ones, then I set up a table in the hallway and put them up for sale (for a few dollars each). My "Papa" bought a few of them from me--he was so excited.

My first book is dedicated to him because of it (among other things).

My fav. artist is Monet, because his paintings are like looking inside a dream...

~Leigh Brescia~

Emily Marshall said...

I love art and attempting to be an artist, but sadly I'm not that good. So I got into photography, which is like the one art-related thing I could do. Plus, in high school, I went to an Ansel Adams exhibit and loved his photos. Now I have black and white photos all over our house from various trips.

juneafternoon said...

With art, it's so difficult to pick just *one* artist, you know? I have an eclectic taste in so many things, I can't ever make up my mind. That being said, I love my brother's work (he's a web designer), so if anything, I'd say he's my favorite artist. But then I also like more well known artists, like Picasso. Doubtlessly, he was a very talented artist, but the reason I like him so much is because he was always emotional and angsty with his work--that speaks personally to me. I like people who are impulsive, and the idea I get of him is that he was.

Art, in general, is very amorphous and very personal. All about finding what you like, no? :P

- Teph

The Page Flipper said...

I've always wanted to be artistic, but I never got that talent. Everything I attempt to draw comes out looking incredibly demented. And I'm not being modest or anything like that; I'm truly bad with art.

But that doesn't mean I can't admire it.

I've always thought Ron Mueck's sculptures were really cool. Although creepy. He makes human sculptures and they look SO REAL!
Here's some of his work:

And whew, this 12-year-old girl is INCREDIBLE at art. It's amazing:

At age seven, she was drawing these gorgeous pictures that look like they were done by a professional. She's just amazing.

valeria rodriguez said...

hey i just pretty much skimped through your post but i read and expert, and i have ta say so far its
pretty addicting..
i'd have ta say leonardo da vinci
Svetlana Chmakova and...Hayao Miyazaki!!!~
i dont own any art work but my own
but i really like Svetlanas work of
Drama con,<3 love it
and i adore most of hayao's children movies<3 i loved watching them when i was little and
for some reason i really dont know why but im drawn to one of leonardo's sketches in his journal,
the womb, i dont know why like it so much.

i do some graffitti, and visiual arts
and i LOVE anime and manga
im pretty much into that.

for every art class i attend
im always doing graffiti
or anime

and i participate in almost every
school play and i LOVE music
this year im helping our school choir sing christmas carols.

tetewa said...

I don't know much about art but one of my favorite pieces would be The Mona Lisa.

Kelly Parra said...

Lesha, sounds like an awesome book!
Leigh, would a great story! Thanks for sharing!
Emily, I love photography, too!

Kelly Parra said...

Teph, I agree! And I love the work of outstanding graphic artists as well!
Page Flipper, I know about Ron's work! Creepy and fascinating at the same time!

Kelly Parra said...

Valeria, you sound like a very talented artist, with many talents! Thanks for entering!
Tetewa, I agree!

TinaFerraro said...

As Kelly's critique partner, I will not enter my hat into the ring for this contest, but I encourage the rest of you to do so.

It's a great book written by a great talent!

jocelyn said...

One of my favorite paintings is Van Gogh's Starry Night. Myself, I dabble in pretty much all things artistic; I paint, I draw, I do everything I'm just not particularly great at any of it. I love it, though.

Carol said...

I've also liked Monet!

I can't draw at all but my niece has some talent and so does one of my grandsons. I remember my high school art teacher being really good. He used to paint when he wasn't teaching and I know he sold his work. I think it's wonderful to be artistic!

Amanda Ashby said...

My favorite artist is my brother, Nick Ashby! He does a lot of abstract stuff and I never get sick of looking at his paintings. I also never get sick of him giving them to me for birthday and christmas presents!!!


Sara Hantz said...

I too am a Monet person. There are some fab examples of his work in the National Gallery in London.

I also like Anigoni, and have a print of his titled 'Cristine' which I adore.

Enoe said...

Hey, I love Diego Rivera because I love the whole latin them he has going on and I love the vibrant colors that he uses. I curently have "The Pinata" hanging in my living room and every time we get company, I always get great compliments on it!

I love your writing, you are very talented, I would love to have an autographed copy of your book.


Gerb said...

As another author-on-a-deadline, I completely relate! Hard to find time to rave and promote when you've already moved on to the next book.

One of my favorite paintings is The Departure of Vainamoinen by Akseli Gallen Kallela. I love all his Kalevala art.

My favorite piece I own is an abstract by Lee Cowan, an up and coming artist in Utah.

Good luck with the deadline!!!


marjoleinb said...

i studied arts and culture. my brother is a professional artist.
My favoruite artists are my brother, frida kahlo, chagall.
This februari i am going for the first time to paris to visit museums and artist things
And i really want to win the book!

Kelly Parra said...

Tina, thanks so much!
Jocelyn, that is an awesome painting! And as long as art makes you happy that's a great thing!
Carol, Monet is awesome too!

Kelly Parra said...

Wow, Amanda! He's awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Sara, Monet is popular! Maybe one day I'll see London. :) :)
Enoe, yes Rivera is very cool! Thanks so much!

Kelly Parra said...

Gerb, I've always enjoyed abstract art too! And best of luck on meeting your deadline! It's a crazy time of year to have one. haha!
marjoleinb, wow on Paris! Congrats and best of luck!

Reel Librarian said...

I like old school - John James Audubon, Bev Doolittle, Peter Max, Ansel Adams.
I like the new mixed media and some of the graffti art I've seen are works of art. They just need an appropiate place to do it.

Meljprincess said...

My favorite painter is Monet and my favorite statue is Michelangelo's David.
When I was in Paris I saw the real Mona Lisa at the Musée du Louvre. Absolutely beautiful!

Melissa K.

sabrina said...

I was always interested in art. I did batik and then sketched and did watercolors. I love Chagall and all of his work. Extraordinary. An impressionist artist whom I really like is Renoir.

Em said...

I've always really liked Auguste Rodin's sculptures. I love drawing but so far I'm not very good at it! :)

blackroze37 said...

the outdoors pics , from long ago, i used to love to look at in books ans such
but of course now, so many pics from camera, and great pics

Kelly Parra said...

Reel Librarian, yes, I've been a long time fan of Ansel Adams! Yes, some of the urban art on the streets is fantastic!
Wow, Paris! Very cool, Meljprincess!!
Sabrina, Renoir is really cool!
Em, there's only room for improvement!

Kelly Parra said...

Thank you, Everyone! This is going to be a tough choice!!

Betty said...

My fave well-known artist is Duane Armstrong of California; he hides ladybugs in his Fields of Wheat series. My fave personal artist is my granddaughter Kristy Soza who does illustrations for some of my own novels. A grandmother/granddaughter team.

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