Thursday, December 13

Pet Problem

Right now the only pets we have in our household are of this variety. Know them? Because I can assure you they really are like having a real pet. For a start they cost a lot more than one might imagine, they always end up under your feet and no matter which way you turn, they're always looking at your with those big eyes. The truth is that we've moved so many times in the last few years that these are close as my kids have got to the real thing.

However, next week we finally move into a house that we know we'll be staying in for a good long time so the pet question has been raised once again and right now the battle is on between whether we get a dog or a cat (though my five year son is totally batting for a giraffe). The thing is we've been petless for so long that I've got comfortable in my hair-free house that we can lock up and leave without a moment's thought, and the idea of all that extra commitment is more than a little daunting. Has anyone else had the pre-pet freak out and if so is there a twelve step program for me to take??


Gerb said...

LOL. I'm not sure there's a pre-pet program. If there was, I would have enrolled before we moved here. After not having a pet in the home for four years, I understand the fear of the extra commitment, believe me! I am told cats are less work (my husband is allergic and we can't have cats) and if you want to stay relatively hair free in the house, go for a short-hair.

In the meantime, congrats on your new digs and good luck with the move!


Erica Orloff said...

Look at it like this . . . (this from a woman with three dogs, a parrot, a lovebird, two fish, and a python) . . .

Life is MESSY.
And the joy the pet will bring your kids, those memories, will last forever.

A little hair, a little inconvenience . . . small prices to pay for unconditional love.

Good luck!
P.S. Cats are definitely easier to leave for a night if you want to just get up and go.

Alyson Noel said...

I know how you feel! This is exactly why I haven't actually acquired the dog I keep talking about. Partly because I'm allergic, and partly because my husband and I travel a lot!
Still, it really would be nice. . .

Amanda Ashby said...

Hey Gerb - thanks so much. Hopefully the move will go well - it's a novelty to only be moving ten minutes down the road!!!

Erica - I'm going to plaster that over my computer everytime I get a freak out! And actually, I think we're leaning more toward a cat (the kids have both requested Garfield!!!)

Alyson - we don't even travel much anymore, it's just I like that idea that we could if we wanted to!!!! Anyway, most of the cats we've had before have been strays so we'll just see who wanders in our back door!!!!!

blackroze37 said...

i never liked cats, but the kids always did, the last 10 + cats (though not sure of number) the cats hates the kids, i think it is because, chey nanmes the allllllll betty
boy cat, girl cats, a;; get that name, and the moment they can get out of the door, we neverrrrrr see them again itsd like FREEEDONNNNNNNN
so we saw one close the the oroad, heading up the hill, tasha roled down her window and sy. here kitty , it starts toward her, then, she remeber,, o it prably a ';betty cat., so she goes hey betty. it took off like zzzzzzzzzooom
tash wsa confuse , i told her the cat must think it is in witness protection plan and chey found he.she , she say, but i aint chey, soo would u want a chance to be im the mob, how the all look a like then 1 goes to winess protection, they shuer done want to see any mobsters , i said same with cat

it is in witness protevtion

she wanted to know then, can we drive up the road hunting cats, so she could see if there was anny more bettys

Sara Hantz said...

Go on..... bite the bullet..... I'd go for a dog, though they're not so dog friendly over here in NZ as the UK as you will find out when you want to take it to the park, certain beaches.....

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