Sunday, March 15

Movie Recommendations?

This week we've been talking about movies on TFC, and I have to admit - I haven't seen any lately! In fact, the last first-run movie I saw was over Christmas break. I feel completely out of touch! I don't even have trailers to go by to tell me what to look forward to.

Long story short, I had an overseas trip for a possible international move (postponed), a rash of school visits (yay!), and a looming deadline (done!) meant no theater time for me the past couple of months or so.

Now that the manuscript is turned in and I'm ready to play catch up, I need your help! For a budget-conscious movie-goer who wants to choose the best flicks to spend her money on, what would you recommend? What movies are coming up that you really want to see?

P.S. The Wearing o' The Green contest continues on my blog. Get your photos to me by Monday to enter!


Little Willow said...

Coraline is lovely and artsy. The book is better, as is often the case. :)

Shalonda said...

Taken was fantastic!

Slumdog Millionaire (still in most theaters, but out on dvd this month) was amazing!

Alyson Noel said...

Slumdog really was amazing as Shalonda said, and I really want to see The Wrestler, Doubt, The Reader, Revolutionary Road . . .looks like I'm a bit behind too!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Just back from seeing Twilight at the two-dollar movie theatre with my whole family - we all enjoyed it thoroughly. The movie I want to see next is the Witch Mountain remake. What can I say? I've got a thing for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - there's not a movie Hollywood makes that can't be improved by his presence!

Gerb said...

Little Willow - it is often the case, which is why I hesitate to see some books made into movies. This one I am looking forward to, though.

I haven't heard that much about Taken, Shalonda, but I am happy for your endorsement. It looked intriguing.

What? Have you been busy or something, Alyson?? : )

Lauren, I have to agree with you about The Rock. Love that one-eyebrow raise. OK, and the smile. And the physique. He'll sure be an improvement on Eddie Albert in Escape to Witch Mountain. : )

Melissa Walker said...

TAKEN is like an unabashed 80s action film, in the best way! I loved CORALINE in 3D, and I adored Revolutionary Road (the book, again, is better). I really want to see The Wrestler.

Okie said...

Taken was a ton of fun. I still need to get out to see this point, it might end up being a video rental instead...the book was great fun though.