Friday, March 6

Spoilt for choice!!!

This week we're talking about movies.... my favorite subject. I LOVE going to the movies, and if I find one I love I watch it over and over.

At the moment there are some awesome movies out there. I've just been to see Slum Dog Millionaire. WOW, it so totally deserved the Oscar.

I'm also hanging out to see Confessions of a Shopoholic. I am a huge Sophie Kinsella fan and can't wait to see how her book translates to the screen.

Another movie I'm desperate to see is Marley and Me. We have a Lab, in fact we've always had Labs and so have my parents. They are without question my favorite dogs, so I just know this movie is going to be fab (and I know I'll need the tissues!!!)

What about you, what are you watching at the moment?


Melissa Walker said...

I really, really liked HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, though I'm slightly opposed to the premise of the book. Still, great movie!

sweetmelissa818 said...

I want to see Shopaholic!
Melissa: I have a girl crush on Ginnifer Goodwin!

Katie Alender said...

We just watched "Ghost Town," with Ricky Gervais, which was about 15 times better than I thought it would be. For Ricky Gervais fans, it's a must.

Next in my queue: "House Bunny."

Alyson Noel said...

LOVED Slumdog--want to see Marley and Me, still want to see Doubt, but I'm not sure if it's still out there so I may have to wait for the DVD! Oh, and since I LOVE Ricky Gervais, I'll add Ghost Town to my Netflix as per Katie's suggestion!!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Next up on Netflix is Bill Maher's Religulous - we'll see!

Sara Hantz said...

Ghost Town I'm dying to see - hopefully it will be out on DVD soon. I've heard that He's Just not Into You is really good, too. So another to add to my list.

House Bunny, was cute....not brilliant but definitely watachable.

I havne't heard of Religulous....will look it up.

Sara Hantz said...

Hmmmmmm I have a lot of 'a's in watchable :) in case you didn't notice!!!!

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

I just saw Slumdog right before the Oscars myself and I loooooved it! I really wanted to see The Wrestler too, but I dont think it is in theaters near me anymore :(