Sunday, August 30

Farewell, Summer

Since most kids around here are back in school now, it's only natural to mourn the lazy days of summer. Except, for many of us, summer is anything but lazy.

Early on, we had a family reunion (on our own turf so no traveling involved, except to and fro the airport), and then Matt (my husband) and I went to New Orleans. I learned a lot about New Orleans culture while there and though I was horribly ill, I had a great time.

I also learned two new sports this summer: wakeboarding and mountain biking. I feel pretty good about wakeboarding, and I can do a 180 and am working towards jumping the entire wake. And as an added bonus, I became an excellent drive-the-boat-onto-the-trailer person.

Mountain biking is another story. I only went once, and my right leg was one big bruise, and I don't even have a cool crash and burn story to share. (I bruise easily.) Maybe once I heal I'll give it another go.

Sooooo, what are YOUR favorite things to do in the summer time? What are you going to miss about summer?


Kelly Parra said...

sleeping in and not having to run through a schedule! argh, early mornings have not kicked us into gear yet. :) :)

Melissa Walker said...

ooh, you are so sporty--i love it! i am going to miss lying in the park and reading... though i'll do it this fall, too, there's nothing like the summer breezes.

Kay Cassidy said...

You always have the coolest pictures, Wendy! I love spending time in our screened porch at sunset in the summer. It's so relaxing and no bugs! LOL