Friday, May 21

High School Hindsight

Looking back at my school days, there are definitely things I wish I hadn't spent so much time (and effort and emotions) on and other things I wish I had paid more attention to.
For example, boys. My junior high and high school days were filled with obsessing about my crush du jour, and I can honestly say none of them ever returned my affections. Of course it's only natural to have crushes, but I would plan to be particular places at particular times just to get a glimpse of Cute Boy #452. I'd race to my classes hoping to get to sit near my crush. I actually wished upon a star every night for so-and-so to like me back! I have friends who went so far as to join a club just because they guy they liked was in it. (Personally, I would join whichever clubs I found intriguing and then chose one of the boys in that club to be my new crush.) If I could go back and talk to my teenage self, I'd say, "Wendy, take the hint. None of these dudes will ever become your boyfriend, so just concentrate on having fun, and when you're in college, you'll need a personal secretary to keep track of all your dates." (Well, I need to give teenage Wendy something to look forward to so she's not too depressed.)

As far as something I wish I would have spent more time on? Plays and musicals. I love(d) acting and singing but as those of you who play(ed) sports know, being in the school theater productions takes up a LOT of your time and it's hard (maybe even impossible) to do both. Regardless, the times on stage were some of my fondest memories and if I could go back and talk to teenage Wendy, I'd say, "Audition for more plays and musicals. They're a lot of hard work but you'll never forget those experiences."

So, for those of you who've already graduated high school, what is something you wish you hadn't wasted so much time on, and what's something you wish you had done more of? And if you're in high school (or junior high), what do you plan on doing more of (and less of) in the future?


BookChic said...

This will be an odd comment since it's not about the post itself but rather the picture. I love your choice of picture!! It's so pretty and is from one of my favorite mangas/anime Chobits. :)

That's all, lol.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I wish I'd spent less time playing the "life sucks" card because it simply does not mesh with my sunny personality. Like you, I wish I'd spent more time doing theatre.

Sara Hantz said...

I wish I'd spent as much time on my studies as I did on disrupting the class..... I bet my teachers thought that too!!!!

Wendy Toliver said...

BookChick, I absolutely fell in love with that picture! There's one other anime picture I'm in love with but of course I didn't pay attention to the artist's name and can't find it again. Anyway, I'm glad you like it.

Lauren, I can't even imagine you with a Life Sucks attitude! Sunny? Yes!

Sara, that's funny! I'm still the chatterbox in the back of the room at meetings and what-not.

Alyson Noel said...

Like Lauren, I wish I'd ditched the attitude and retained some of my freshman & sophomore year enthusiasm, but by junior year I was O-V-E-R it, and it showed!

Wendy Toliver said...

I love that, Alyson : Freshman and sophomore year enthusiasm. There's nothing quite like it.

Greg Logsted said...

Great post! It's nice to wish upon stars but I bet if given the chance to do it all over again most of us would make the same mistakes. Leopards don't really change their spots. But it's fun playing the "if only" game. Don't believe me? We all have the capacity to change the future but how many of us actually fulfill our New Year resolutions?

Keri Mikulski said...

Love this post!

Wish I spent way more time working hard, finding myself, training, and hanging with my teammates.. And definitely less time worrying. I wasted so much time knee deep in drama.

Laurena said...

I loved high school so much, that I came back to take an extra year of it. Of course that was just so I could be in our school's musical production of Beauty and the Beast...but I decided school is fun-for some reason or other. Anyway, grade 11 first semester would be what I would change, definitely. That was when I was in my first musical: Seussical the Musical. I spent so much time with the musical on my mind that I neglected my classes, and almost failed them. Can't get into college by failing physics...

But I fixed that by semester two. Still wish I'd focused more though.

Wendy Toliver said...

Good point, Greg. I, for one, always keep my new year's resolutions. J/K
Keri, I presume you're talking about softball. Or were you into lots of sports?
Laurena, very cool! I would've loved being in either of those musicals. Glad you got your grades back up!
Thanks for commenting, folks!

Jordan said...

I'm still in highschool. You're all old. NO! I'm just kidding :) I swear! Anyway, I'm only a freshman. I think I've gotten what I want figured out. My main thing I want to spend more time doing is studying. I sound like a nerd. My goal is to become valedictorian, and I'm on my way. I was just told by my guidance counseler that I have the highest overall average of anyone in my class. I also want to make sure that I stick with my swimming. I love swimming.

What I want to spend less time doing.. LOTS OF STUFF. DRAMA. NO! Don't want it! I'm trying to be part of it..less. Another thing is guys. I have a boyfriend that I have been dating for four months now, I'll keep him :) But if anything were to ever have I don't want to be hung over guys. I find some girls at my school extremely pathetic. :)

Melissa Walker said...

I wish I'd stopped worrying what other people thought, and also that I took more style risks. Man, I was fashion boring!

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