Friday, May 18

Health Warning....... Diet Coke!

For years my drink of choice was Diet Coke. I'd read that it wasn't good for your health, but I knew that didn't really mean me. I don't drink tea or coffee and because I can't eat dairy products my intake of chocolate is limited to the occasional piece of dark. Anyway, against my better judgement, after visiting a naturopath last December, I gave up my beloved diet coke.

And proceeded to have the worse headache ever for over a week. It was an absolute nightmare. During this time I researched online and found out about caffeine addiction, which I clearly had.

Since then, all I've had is the very occasional sip if I see someone has a glass. Do I feel any better for it? Ummmm..... I'm not sure. The only think putting me off drinking it again is the headache.

And do I miss it? You bet I do. I've started to drink ginger beer, which is ok..... but it's not DC.

So tell me someone... why is it that all the things I enjoy most are bad for my health????


Amie Stuart said...

SAra I had to give up caffeine, wheat and sugar. I still can't have it in the house. But I do remember a long-ago diet dr. pepper addiction and how tough it was to kick it. I'm a long-time caffeine addict and kicking caffeine was nothing like kicking that diet DP!

Wendy Toliver said...

Good question!
I only wish I knew why all the things we enjoy most are bad for our health. Why can't I have an obsession with raw veggies, for example? Or better yet, why doesn't carrot cake count as a veggie?

Gerb said...

I used to drink only caffeine-free Diet Coke until one day a doctor suggested I keep a combination of aspirin, Tylenol and a can of regular Diet Coke on hand to help manage my migraines. (It works great if you catch it at the onset and then I don't have to use the prescription stuff.)

But then, idiot me, I took it as a license to drink Diet Coke on a regular basis. And now, I'm quite sure I'm caffeine-addicted... and I'll get a migraine trying to get off the stuff!

Oh, the irony.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I gave up caffeine a couple of years ago, and my husband who was an coke addict, (wow, that sounds funny.)gave that up too. We both had the worse headaches but got through it. I rarely miss caffeine, since I can still drink caffeine free coffee, so at least I get the taste.

Sara Hantz said...

Wendy... in my world carrot cake defintiely counts as a veggie!

And lol on having an obsession with veggies. I can see it now, we're slaving over our computer and someone saying 'Man, I could kill for a piece of raw cauliflower covered in cabbage.'

Anonymous said...

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