Friday, May 25

A List of School Experiences...

School was a time of so many interesting and worth remembering experiences...
-I met the boy who I first kissed...
-The only teacher who gushed over my drawing and encouraged me to pursue my artistic talent.
-Two coaches who enjoyed teaching kids to play basketball and to go for sports tryouts.
-Friends to remember for a lifetime.
-Where I worked for a school paper.
-That science projects, biology, and chemistry would never be my strengths.
-The time I got to fly to Washington D.C. for a week.
-I met my husband who was one of my best friends.
-The first time I danced with a boy so close that I could smell his cologne.
-The first time I felt peer pressure to follow along with friends.
-Where I learned photography.
-Where I hung out with friends at football games and felt free goofing off without adult supervision.
-Where I learned how to really cook.
-And that I could never really type no matter how hard I tried.
-That quoting Shakespeare wouldn't help me much in the future.
-Where I learned how to parallel park in Driver's Ed, and have conveniently forgotten over the years.
-Where I learned that after graduation, it wasn't as easy trying to be a grown-up after all...

Please share a learning or first experience from your school days!


TinaFerraro said...

Kelly...YOU couldn't type? Considering a keyboard has been integral in our cp-ship these past 4 years, I find this hard to swallow! LOL.

Speaking of typing, I took it in 11th grade. My good friend was a great typist, but for the life of her, could not do the math on the margins. I wasn't the type to cheat on exams, but also knew she'd fail without my help. So come the final, I whispered the margins to her. And while I don't advocate cheating, we not only got away with it, but we are still friends to this day...

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

LOL! My secret is out, Tina! I shamefully know some keys but I still have to peek at my fingers every minute or so, otherwise I type the wrong key and must backspace to correct. hehe.

And yes, sometimes our pals need a helping hand once in a while. Thanks for sharing! :)

GeminiWisdom said...

Mrs. Smith, my English teacher senior year. She amped up my writing by forcing the class to keep journals. We had to write something in our journal everyday and turn it in on a weekly basis. I had at least ONE thing to talk about (driving lessons) or I would've been screwed. LOL.

Wendy Toliver said...

You met your hubby in h.s.?!?
How sweet!

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

GW, I'd probably be making things up in my high school journal. haha! I probably wouldn't have wanted to turn in what was really on my mind. hehe. ;)
Hi Wendy, yes, we knew each other then--good friends. I always say it was a good thing we didn't hook-up then because we probably wouldn't have gotten hitched! :) :)

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