Saturday, June 23

Friday Nights

When I was in high school, I wasn't much of a planner. Come Friday, it was all about hooking up with friends and finding out what was the spot to hang-out Friday night.

Friday nights were spontaneous. Maybe we'd accidentally run into someone or a friend of a friend, who had heard about a party, and then it was like, "Cool, let's go." Other times, we'd just hang-out with a couple of friends outside in the cool night, doing nothing but goofing off. And sometimes, we'd go to the latest football game only to gather in the parking lot instead of watching football.

High school events were a lot like an adventure. You never knew what your night was going to be like until you got there.

And now as an adult everyday is a plan because I have a family, and things have to get done. I grew up and did a total 180 from my teen life! haha! Since I write teen fiction, I get to revisit the goofing off and the Friday night adventures. In a way it is just as fun as it was then, since I don't have to really deal with all the high school drama, but write about it all happening to someone else. :) :)

So tell me...what was one of your Friday night hang-outs?


bevrosenbaum said...

I wasn't nearly so social. Friday nights usually consisted of having my friend Michelle do my nails!

Wendy Toliver said...

Clubbing was all the rage but my parents didn't allow me to go, so I'd always spend the night at my BFF's and we'd get ready at her house and then hit the teen dance clubs. In the summer, we'd go to parks and swing and it was always an added bonus if the sprinklers turned on.

I actually got to do the dinner-and-a-movie thing with two other couples last night and it brought back memories of the group dates I'd go on when I was a teenager. :)

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Hey Bev, that's fun too!
Wendy, I never got to go clubbing as a teen, so I'm glad you got to go!! :)

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Friday mights were often big pool-shooting nights.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Great, thanks, Lauren!

stevie said...

HI!! i'm still a teen so i'll tell you what i do for friday nights. once a month my town has a dance at the areana, if theres no dance we still go to the areana to hang out or me and my friends will go to the movies (though we dont go much couse it coast money)

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