Wednesday, September 30

Favorite web sites

I have LOADS of favorite web sites. Some are for entertainment, some are for information, and some are for... okay... shopping. I'm one of those people who really doesn't enjoy shopping. I'd much rather be home reading or surfing those fave sites o' mine or tweeting or, well, you get the picture. :-)

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite web sites. These are in no particular order, but I hit them all at least once a week. Usually a lot more.

Okay, I'm a weather junkie. I love love LOVE seeing what's up, especially in the tropics. (A throwback to my corporate days where my company tracked every named storm on a giant map.) I check the weather every day, at least once a day sometimes more. I know there's a Google gadget that will put this right on my desktop, but I like getting there the old-fashioned way. (@kaycassidy - come say hi!)

Well, technically I access it via Tweetdeck most of the time. But the end result is still the same. I fear I may have to go on a Twitter hiatus as I get closer to my The Cinderella Society book 2 deadline, but oh how I shall miss it!

I heart Chatzy. Yes, it can lock up on occasion, but I still think it's fabulous to be able to set up a free impromptu chat anytime you want to. The Tenners (my debut class of 2010) do twice-weekly Chatzy chats--I usually try to make at least one of them--and I've popped into several author/blogger chats just for fun. They're usually in the evening, so it's a great way to wrap up the day!

What about you? What sites do you hit every week? (Besides TFC, of course!) :-)


Sara Hantz said...

I tend to hit blogs, more than websites. Though, I do regularly hit idol sites (US or Australian), and spend lots of time on You Tube catching catching up with X Factor. And of course there's Twitter, Absolute Write, Verla Kay boards, TFC, Yahoo... hmmmm more than I thought.....

Melissa Walker said...

I'm all over the place, ESPECIALLY on deadline! Anything to distract me! I love, love, love book blogs the most.

nisha said...

Twitter, Facebook, Netflix are usually my typical. I also hit Hulu up. I'm in class during NCIS, Bones, and Glee so I watch those shows on Hulu. I heart that site.

Great post!


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I'm all over the place too! In addition to some of those mentioned, I also hit Book Balloon to discuss reading with other readers and Backspace to discuss writing with other writers.