Tuesday, March 1

If I Could Be Anybody...

Not to be all self-accepting guru or anything, but I like my life. It's nice. I know the people in it, and I love them. So I really wouldn't change places with anyone at this moment in time.

However, there was a moment in high school when I would have given anything to be... um, let's call her Hayley Morris.

She had this incredible over-the-summer transformation from 8th to 9th grade--I'm talking a full on makeover from thick glasses and braces to tan, lovely, white-toothed, blonde highlighted goddess of high school. A la the movie She's All That (see photo).

And then Hayley Morris landed my long-time crush. We'll call him Joe.

I watched them canoodle all over the freaking place. In the quad, by Joe's locker (which I had of course mapped out on day one), on the sidelines of his football games, etc. You get the picture: NIGHTMARE.

And for at least the first half of 9th grade, I wanted to be her so badly I could taste it.

But you know what? I've seen her recently. And not to be catty, but she's not all that. She certainly doesn't get to write teen novels for a living and recreate all the angst she had in 8th grade (I'm assuming she had zero angst from 9th grade onward). I like where I am, so I choose my own life.

Still though, in the summer of 1991, I would have loved to have been Hayley Morris.

Now make me feel less silly and tell me who you would have liked to have been, even for just a moment in time?


Amanda Ashby said...

Does it make me sound too shallow if I say that if I could be anyone it would be Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries. I mean seriously, she has the Best. Job. Ever!!!!

Gerb said...

That's a tough one. I don't know that I wanted to *be* anyone else, but there were plenty of times I wished I had the abilities, looks, things, etc. that someone else had. I guess I always wanted to be myself, only... better.

Wendy Toliver said...

Ooo, good question! (And Amanda, Nina not only is an amazing actress; she's so darn cute! Not a shabby choice.) When I was in h.s. there was a girl who was beautiful AND athletic. She had the best skin (something I did not have) and was very graceful and stylish. She wasn't brilliant but probably a B-average, and she was dating a really cute popular guy. I didn't have a crush on him per se, but as someone who never really had boyfriends, having any cool, nice, guy on your arm seemed like a dream to me. We were friends (and still kind of are) but back then I thought it would be nice to be more like her.