Thursday, March 17

LOL moments. Sort of.

This week, I'm supposed to write about LOL moments. The only problem is, as some of you know, is that since I'm sick, I haven't had many lately, unless you count the fact that I've had so much blood drawn in an effort to figure out exactly what's wrong with me that I know every single lab tech in the hospital where my doctor is and I always do a fist pump when I'm told I'm having less than eight vials of blood drawn and may actually say "YAY!" when it's four or less.

Okay, I actually do say YAY!

Anyway, so I was thinking, how about *your* LOL moments?

Share your fave LOL moment over at my blog here and you could win a free YA novel.

Yep, make me LOL and I'll send YOU a free YA novel!


Melissa Walker said...

Hope your sick is ID'd soon and that you're resting in the meantime (The LOLs are great medicine, I'm sure!)

Sara Hantz said...

Hope you feel better soon, Elizabeth. I don't have a lol moment to share, but my daughter did tell me about her friend's mom. She thought that lol meant lots of love. So, when a neighbor passed away she text her daughter to tell her and finished with lol!!!