Sunday, December 14

And the winner is...

Actually, before I mention the winner, I'd just like to say a big humungous THANK YOU to everyone who left comments at blogger, myspace and teen fiction cafe. You guys rock sooo much and you had so many great zombie survival tips. If only my poor heroine Mia Everett had half of this knowledge she would've saved herself a LOT of stress. Still, at least she will know what to do next time she is forced to confront the living dead (as will I!!!!!!!)

And now, the winner - drawn by random number generator(every author's favorite friend) is:


Thank you to everyone else who entered and don't forget to keep checking back in because there will be more prizes up for grabs closer to the release date not to mention a MASSIVE blog party with a whole heap of amazing authors (and a whole heap of books written by the before mentioned amazing authors!!!)

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Iserr said...

Congrats to the winner!!!