Friday, December 12

Sweethearts giveaway results

Wow, you guys. Thank you. I especially loved what you had to say about not comparing yourselves to others, or to women in the media, because every single one of us has a genetically unique body (unless you are an identical twin!) and comparison is really just a dead-end street. On the other hand, I also appreciated you for pointing out that you don't just have to be defeatist about the genetic hand you're dealt---you can take good care of yourself, no matter what your size or shape, by eating well and getting enough sleep and reaping the many benefits of exercise and rejecting negative self- and other-talk.

I truly wish I could give everyone a copy because you all inspired me. Alas, I've only got two copies, and so...

My random pulled-out-of-the-hat winner is: Yan! Congratulations! (By the way, walking up and down hills is a great workout!)

And the very difficult decision of the second winner is Ruby, because her story is very similar to something that happened to me in 6th grade when I was just innocently walking down the hall to class, minding my own business, and this 8th grade boy I didn't even know looked me right in the eyes and said, "You're fat." And for some reason, it takes tremendous powers of the mind to get the unsolicited opinion of a random stranger out of my head 27 years later! I also think what Ruby says about the people you surround yourself with is important. If all your friends are constantly saying mean things about other people's appearance, you might want to think about how that's affecting your own views.

If Yan and Ruby could please email me your contact info - sarazarr at - I will get those signed books in the mail next week.

Again, thanks EVERYONE, you are all winners to me!


Amy said...

Congrats Yan and Ruby!

ambear said...

Congrats to both of you ^^