Saturday, May 9


So, this week at the café we’re talking about vacations, which, as luck would have it, is really timely since I just spent two heavenly and much needed weeks in Maui.

It was awesome!


Everything I wanted my vacation to be and more!

And we enjoyed it so much, we decided to extend it just a few days further and move on to Lanai, which is really, really quiet compared to Maui but also incredibly beautiful.

And some time between lounging by the pool and lounging on the beach I realized just what it is that I love about vacation: It’s not just the break from the stresses of everyday life—nope, that’s only part of it. The main thing I like is that the vacation Me is the Me I can only dream of being in my normal life. The blissed out, uber relaxed, well-rested, well-excercised, well-meditated, well-fed, well-dressed, version of Me.

The Me that tends to vanish sometime between the drive home from the airport and the third load of vacation laundry.

Still, it’s nice to know she’s in there somewhere!

What about you? What’s your favorite part of vacation??


stephhale said...

It sounds like you had a blast, Alyson! I went to Oahu back in 1990with my parents. I hope to go back with my hubby someday. We are getting ready to head to Walt Disney World next month and I am SOOO excited. I know what you mean about becoming a different person on vacation. Vacation Stephanie is way cooler than Home Stephanie. ;)

shawnte parks said...

best part of vacation is leaving all the normal dad to day stuff behind. it's SO relaxing.

Alyson Noel said...

Hey Steph- Oh, Disney World is soo fun!! Hope you have a great time!

Hey Shawnte- Yup, nothing better than walking away from the daily grind!

Amanda Ashby said...

My favorite part of a vacation is being able to say yes to my kids all the time.

'Can we have chocolate for breakfast?' Yes

'Can we draw a fake moustache on dad's face while he's asleep?' Yes

Can we...well, you get the drift. It's so nice to be able to relax all the normal rules and just enjoy it!!!

Kay Cassidy said...

Ooo... LOVE blissed out vacations at the beach!

My favorite part of vacation is usually day 3 or so. We're well settled in and feeling at home, but the rest of the week is full of possibilities. Relax, go on an adventure, vege out in a hammock by the beach? The world is our oyster! I love the freedom that comes with that... so different from the daily grind. :-)

Stephanie Kuehnert said...

Ooh I am so jealous Alyson! I'm hoping to go to Hawaii for my honeymoon if we can afford it. You'll have to recommend islands, hotels, etc to me!

Gerb said...

My favorite part of vacation is escaping real life for just a little while and like you said, being the other part of me that doesn't get to come out and play quite often enough!