Monday, May 11


Growing up in Colorado, we loved when the Renaissance Faire came to town. I loved how it brought a piece of history to life right before my eyes--in a way that classroom lectures, textbooks and films (not even the beloved "A Knight's Tale") could not. Donning my flower and ribbon-adorned crown, I became a princess, exchanging salutations with the knights, maypole dancers, pirates, kings, gypsies, and peasants around me.

I was thrilled to see that a Renaissance Faire would be held close to my current home, in Utah, this past weekend. And what's more, we'd get to see a jousting tournament. Not a choreographed one like the "Knights of the Round Table" dinner theaters -- but a real-life sporting event steeped in tradition. So my husband and I packed his pickup with our three young squires and headed out to the middle-of-nowhere and back in time for an afternoon of entertainment, education, and whimsy.

Click here to read a local article about the jousting.

I never went to a Renaissance Faire for a field trip when I was in school, probably because the faire was held in the summer months. But I've always thought it would make an excellent field trip. Since this week's theme at the Teen Fiction Cafe is "School Days," I'm curious: What was your more memorable field trip?


Anna R said...

Wendy, I can See U as a princess but horsie riding with big poles smashing into someone looks dangerous. The whole thing really looked fun.

Casey McGill said...

There's a Renn Faire going on here too. 'Tis the season I guess.
Jousting looks scary and awesome at the same time...

Gerb said...

Cool, Wendy. Where was it? (Obviously I have not clicked the article...)

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I love Ren Faires! We didn't go as a field trip, but in HS our Thespian troupe went as a special fun trip.

Wendy Toliver said...

Yes, Anna, the whole jousting tournament was a bit crazy... like boxing or bull fighting.

Casey, we're so lucky the faires are here during spring and not the dead heat of summer. Much nicer.

Gerb, it was in Marriott-Slaterville (sp?) ... West of Ogden, Utah. Out in a field that I'm sure is black with mosquitoes come summer.

GreenBeanTeenQueen, what a cool thespian troupe! Do you hit the Shakespearean fests as well?