Friday, May 8

Good News Friday!!!

I love Good News Friday here at the cafe!!  We're inundated with so much bad stuff all the time, I'll take any shot I can at doing the happy dance!

So huge congrats to Erica and Melissa for their awesome new releases!!

And while I don't have a new release too share (though BLUE MOON will be out on July 7th!), I am thrilled to announce that EVERMORE remains at #1 again on the New York Times Best Sellers List for Children's Paperbacks for the 10th week running (13 on the list)!!!!--- and the UK rights were just sold to Pan Macmillian, bringing the foreign territories to 13!!

That's all for now--have a great day everyone!


Melissa Walker said...

awesome, alyson! you continue to RULE!

Kelly Parra said...

Yay, Alyson!!!! Congrats!!

Sara Hantz said...

OMG Alyson, you totally rock!!!!

Alyson Noel said...

Thanks you guys!!

Kay Cassidy said...

Congratulations on the UK sale, Alyson! And, of course, on your rockin' track record at #1! I can't wait to dive into Evermore once my edits are done. Between my copy and the two library ones, I now have three copies at Casa Cassidy. I'm thinking of building a shrine... ;-)