Thursday, May 21

Fashion Week: Standing Out or Blending In?

It's always odd for me when it's fashion week here at TFC because I'm not exactly a fashion maven. I mean, it's not like I do anything particularly awful clothes-wise, like wearing high-waist double-polyester pants with a plastic belt, but I don't have a wardrobe that makes Vogue say, "Ooh, let's put *her* on the cover!"

OK, I'll admit it. There's more than just my wardrobe keeping me off the cover of high-fashion magazines.

Back in high school, it seemed like people tried to do one of two things: stand out (the punk look would fall under this) or blend in (preppy style). Me, I simply didn't *fit* in. I'd transferred from a school where I was Queen of the Hill only to find myself in a place where the social structure was foreign to me. So I didn't follow any fashion trends. I was like a fashion nonperson. Recently I joined facebook and a guy from high school commented favorably about my photo, said he hadn't remembered me looking at all like that. Well, of course he hadn't, because: 1) those were the most unattractive years of my life; and 2) someone had done my hair and makeup for that photo.

Now that I'm older, I still don't care about fashion trends. Why would I want to look like everyone else? But I do care about personal style. I have a wardrobe that screams, "Lauren!" So while I'm not a big shopper, it does make me happy when I pull something out of a drawer or my closet with full confidence that it is an item *I* would wear. You see, I want my outward appearance to reflect me as opposed to reflecting someone else's opinion of what is stylish. Who knows? Maybe that was the statement I was trying to make in high school too by being a fashion nonperson: that I was rejecting the rigid social order I'd found myself flung into.

Oh, one thing I am a sucker for? Shoes and handbags. But maybe I'll save that obsession for the next time it's Fashion Week at TFC and I need something to write about.

So, question of the day:


Be well. Don't forget to write.


Alyson Noel said...

Great post Lauren!

I used to be REALLY REALLY into fashion--subscribed to every magazine under the sun, could spot a YSL at a thousand paces . . . but these days my subscriptions have all lapsed and I just dress for me-and I'm a total sucker for jeans-designer-non-designer--I love 'em all-- I practically live in them!

And shoes of course!

Oh, and handbags and sunglasses are good too . . .


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Hey! It's my NYT #1 bestselling friend! (I love saying that.)

Amanda Ashby said...

Like our NYT bestselling friend (I never get sick of saying it either) I love my jeans and wear them all year round with sneakers, which is another thing I love - especially my bright green Converse.

I also have an inexplainable addiction to second hand handbags. My current favorite is a massive 1980s navy clutch that wouldn't look out of place in Dynasty. My bags are definitely 'me'!!!!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Ooh, Amanda, now I want some colorful Converses!

Nisha said...

I am OBSESSED with purses. I just bought a really cute one with a matching wallet.
Shoes? I donated 23 pairs the other day because I'm trying to clean out for the summer. I have tons left that I couldn't part with. Sigh.
I've always worn whatever was comfortable and whatever made my boobs look smaller. I'm totally stacked. Lol.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Stacked here too, Nisha! Oh and today I'm using a bag you would love: it looks like an oldfashioned rectangular cigar box and has a bamboo handle.

Nisha said...

omg so jealous! That sounds ADORABLE!

sharigreen said...

Since I'm totally introverted, I could never wear something that I think would make me stand out. But I also am so not a trend-follower (and so not a shopper!), which generally leaves me with Levis. I guess I'm a "classic casual" kind of dresser. :)

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said... is!!!

Shari, classic casual is cool. I love me some J. Crew.

Wendy Toliver said...

Unlike our New York Times #1 Best Selling friend, I much rather a comfy pair of capris than jeans, especially now that it's getting warmer. I hope they never go out of style.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Wendy: HA! I have on capri-length jeans even as we tap here - best of both worlds!

Nikki said...

I can't seem to get out of wearing the same jeans and t- shirt day after day after day. In the summer I switch to athletic shorts instead of jeans. In my mind I want to be one of those people who can go to their closet and pull out amazing outfits, but in reality my closet is full of t-shirts, four pairs of ratty jeans, and a 6 week rotation of church appropriate clothes. I could use the excuse that I'm a student but I'm afraid that graduation won't change me that much.

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Nikki, be adventurous - buy one item that's just *crazy*!

Melissa Walker said...

Personal style is the absolute best way to be fashionable. And accessories... those are perfect for showing it off, on a budget! That's why I have great sunglasses and really cheap t-shirts. :)