Friday, July 24

GNF: Ballads of Suburbia release week!

It's finally here!

Really I can't think of much better news than my new book actually being out in stores, available for people to buy! Seriously, I'm so excited to see Ballads of Suburbia out in the world and to start to hear how people react to it.

So far I've gotten some really great reviews that mean a lot to me.

My local paper, the Chicago Sun-Times said, "With her first two novels, Kuehnert has created vivid pictures of teenage lives that lie in that borderland that abuts adulthood. It is a fertile, confusing and intense place, and Kuehnert never holds back. But like a good ballad, she keeps the stories taut and precise, with a touch of heart thrown in for good measure."
Another local paper, NewCity said it's "like an American Beauty for the teen set."

And the bloggers are saying some wonderful stuff as well. Like Steph Su Reads said, "BALLADS OF SUBURBIA is a remarkable achievement that hits you right where it counts (your heart) and lingers where it matters (the brain). I’m truly looking forward to seeing what Stephanie Kuehnert will do next." Carrie's YA Bookshelf even called me the voice of a generation! Whoa! And The Story Siren gave it five stars and said, "This book is powerful. It's been haunting me for days, yes haunting me." Good! I want it to haunt people. In the very best way of course! You can find links to the rest of the reviews on my website.

So it's been a pretty fun week. I had a huge release party at the Beacon Pub, the bar where I work, and tonight I'm reading at Women & Children First, one of my favorite indie bookstores in Chicago. And and and.... I did a Chicago Public Radio interview that aired today, which you can listen to online here! Whoo!

So yeah, that's my good news and I hope there is more to come! What's yours?


Sara Z. said...

Hooray! This has got to be one of my favorite covers of all time, by the way, too.

Amanda Ashby said...

Happy release, Stephanie!!!!!! I can't wait to read your new book and I totally second what Sara says about your cover!!!