Wednesday, July 1

Schools Out!!

This week we’re blogging about school, and, I’m afraid my attitude toward it can best be summed up by THIS.

For those of you who are click shy, that’s Alice Cooper singing the infamous, end of school anthem—"Schools Out." A song they used to play in heavy rotation back in my day, especially around mid-June.

The last day of school was always my favorite day of school. Sure I liked the new clothes, the sharpened pencils, and the nervous making anticipation that the first day would bring—but what I liked even more was ditching the books I had to read in favor of the books I wanted to read and swapping my school clothes for bikinis and flip-flops. Those three, long, glorious months stretched out before me like an overfed cat. Nothing but long days—warm nights—and, as the song says, “No more pencils, no more books . . .”

So tell me, what was your favorite day of school? First or last or somewhere in between?



Lexie said...

The Last day! I mean universally it was the last day every year but 9th when Mr. Bunch took us on a very cool two part school field trip--one was to the Trenton Artworks gallery and the second part was to the Hamilton Grounds for Sculptures. They were the only school field trips in HS I ever went on and they were worth getting up early for. Otherwise the last day of school. Followed closely by the last day before Winter Break (since usually that meant movies and parties).

Wendy Toliver said...

I liked school the most around basketball season because it was my favorite sport and I got to spend countless hours with my friends who also played.

But of course the first and last days were also exciting for the reasons you mentioned (minus the bikini b/c I've always been shy in one). :)

Melissa Walker said...

The last day was such excited bliss! I always had big dreams for summer love and that fairy tale transformation that would turn me from plain to knockout. Sigh.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Definitely the last day! On my last day of year 11 I got to throw away my school uniform. That will be a day I'll never forget!

Alyson Noel said...

Lexie- I envy your field trips! I don't even remember most of mine but they didn't involve art!

Wendy- Now if anyone can rock a bikini it's YOU my dear!!

Melissa- I hear ya! Summer always held the promise of an exciting new romance . . .sometimes it made go on the promise and other times . . .not!

Hey So Many Books- I was always kind of envious of the school uniform set--but it's probably the same feeling I had when I got to hang up my fugly polyester flight attendant uniform for good--total bliss!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

Last day of ninth grade, the day I graduated from Unquowa. I hadn't worn the uniform because there was a party that day, forgetting there was an assembly. I was told I couldn't attend because I was inappropriately dressed. Some students staged a mini-protest, going to the headmistress to say that if I wasn't there, they wouldn't be there. She relented. I got carried in and felt like a rock star.

Alyson Noel said...

Lauren-- Wow--definitely a rock star moment!! Love it!